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Police Officer Undergoes Shocking Shapeshift During Stare-Down With BLM Shill | Kanye Uses Telekinesis on Fan During Concert to Throw Fan Off the Stage

Ok, so the telekinesis claim is a bit dicey. The fan may have just listened to whatever Kanye had said to him and then just decided to let go and fall back down into the crowd. But he does make a strange movement as if he’s wielding some kind of matter-controlling power.

But as far as this instance of shapeshifting goes, this is one of the craziest examples I’ve seen in a while. I’m starting to become quite proficient as far as differentiating between a holographically cloaked Reptillian and an A.I. generated avatar or totally fabricated non-physical image and in my estimation, this guy seems to be a biological non-human entity that’s undergone a holographic failure of sorts. However, this particular version of cloaking tech they are using seems to of a variety that I’ve yet to see. Making it look more like the image-maker software that they’ve been using to create the deep fakes that they’ve been passing off as real(e.g. 1 | e.g. 2 | e.g. 3 | e.g. 4), overlayed on their physical non-human bodies, rather than the usual Liquid Crystal based cloaking technology that we’ve become used to seeing during Reptilian glitch-outs.

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