2020 Election, Cabal Arrests & Executions, Deep State, DemonRats

THE SWAMP IS EMPTY | Pelosi & Top DemonRats Arrested on 1/11? | Attempted Poisoning of Melania on 1/5?

I knew something had gone down on the 11th!


I like this source for several reasons, the main ones being that he isn’t a Q or Trump shill and he has direct communications with retired General McInerney who we know has been knee deep in these underground operations. The inexplicable second impeachment attempt makes a lot more sense now. However, since he put this video out I have not heard anything about an emergency broadcast attempt, and at the time this video was made he claimed that everything would be revealed by the 18th, so obviously that didn’t happen, so I’m not sure what to think exactly. But what else is new? But I thought this was worthy of posting. And I do know that there is no way that Biden is the actual President at the moment. No way Jose.

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