I mentioned this Q account that Defango retweeted a few posts back.

🤡 bots for Q

This 🤡 bot promotes psychedelic mind rape.

This 🤡 bot promotes Swerdlows buddy Peter Moon.

The same 🤡 bot promotes Peter Moon
This 🤡 bot promotes this 🤡

This 🤡 bot tries to invert my research .

This 🤡 bot promotes Steve Quayle’s Ginger Giants.

This 🤡 bot posted this text from the “FBI”

This 🤡 bot is on a list of people who”know”

This 🤡 bot who is on a list of people who know uploaded this silly pic off of a Prodigy album because the badass woke new age hippy pictured, got gaslt by a talking mushroom and forgot about helicopters and drones.

This 🤡 bot promotes Thrive aka Proctor and Gamble who were the first followers of this blog. For a reason.

This 🤡 bot promotes Jesus with a gun because…

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