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Donald Trump IS Joe Biden, AND Ron Masak AND Elvis Presley

I had seen others theorize about Trump being Biden before, but I had yet to see this very shocking eye comparison. Well, if that really is Trump underneath that Silicon mask, he’s sure as he’ll not acting like him. So you’re telling me it was Big T who signed the executive order allowing for males to compete in women’s sports? Thanks a lot Trump. What the heck bro?

VP Joe Biden is Donald Trump

Exposed by Wellaware1

Find out who the Pope is The Pope is Fake.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the same man! Get it? Joe Buyed In. The joke is on you America!

Don’t let Trump’s fake hair and orange makeup fool you, the lines on Biden and Trump’s eyes are a 100% biometric match.
Your VP belongs to two parties, both a Democrat and Republican. Actually more like the traitor party, and obviously Obama is in on the joke.

Trump is Elvis (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is Ron Masak Exposed(VIDEO)

Source: By. Douglas & Their Role | December 28, 2020


December 28, 2020

Someone got gaslit by Dallas Goldbug .🤡

The benefits of adrenochrome 🤡

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