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Putin says “nyet’ to Great Reset | How Vladimir Putin Changed (2000 – 2018)

I may be desperate to accept any ally at this point, but “Vlad the Impaler” himself? I don’t know about that. Putin is one of the most prolific and unabashedly prolific and publicly transparent non-human, non-aging leaders on the planet. He’s not anything to mess around with. Do you remember the televised meetings he used to have with George W? W practically cowered in submission like a dog when in Vladimirs presence. If he wants to take on some Zionist scum is his spare time, I’m all for it. But trust him I will not. I really enjoyed the music in the below compilation from one of my favorite channels “THEY LIVE WE SLEEP” on good ol’ Vladamir. I’m not trying to rag on you Vlad. We could use your help actually. You could start by taking out Klaus Schwab for us. But I’m still fucking terrified of this guy and always will be. Don’t ever turn your back on him or get yourself alone in a room with him. That’s for sure.

Putin says “nyet’ to Great Reset

Source: Daily Liberty News via Our Spirit | Patriots for Truth / 2021-02-13 03:57


Read the Luongo article under the headline link; then listen to Bix Weir with highlights.

Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast”

“Did you happen to catch the most important political speech of the last six years?

It would have been easy to miss given everything going on.  In fact, I almost did, and this speech sits at the intersection of nearly all of my areas of intense study.

The annual World Economic Forum took place last week via teleconference, what I’m calling Virtual Davos, and at this year’s event, of course, the signature topic was their project called the Great Reset.


In terms I can only describe as unfailingly polite, Putin told Klaus Schwab and the WEF that their entire idea of the Great Reset is not only doomed to failure but runs counter to everything modern leadership should be pursuing.

Putin literally laughed at the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Schwab’s idea of a planned society through AI, robots and the merging of man and machine. 

He flat-out told them their policies driving the middle class to the brink of extinction over the COVID-19 pandemic will further increase social and political unrest while also ensuring wealth inequality gets worse.”

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