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Blahahaha. This is What Happens When Liberalism Goes Untreated | Libtardation & Covidiocy Created This Brain-Dead Idiot: “Guys can you just please wear a mask”🤣😂

Joey Saldino had asked that people not bully this girl, as “she’s clearly an idiot“, however I do not share that sentiment. I agree that she’s clearly an idiot, but do not agree that she should be left alone. If she wants to run around in the spotlight and act like an idiot, she’s going to have to face the music. Light this retard the fuck up. This is not ok. There are consequences for one’s actions.

She likes to call herself “Miss Worldwide” and you can see her all around the world NOT wearing a mask. THAT’S how much nerve these people have. Here’s her Instagram. Fuck her up.

Leftist EXPOSED for No Wearing Mask after MELTDOWN



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