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Woman is revealing what is happening in Texas NOW. FEMA Moving in, Ted Cruz & Other Elites Are Fleeing Texas. Cruz Off to Mexico. Joe Rogan & HAARP Illuminati Card Game Connection

What a surprise. The elite are apparently evacuating Texas at the moment as FEMA prepares to move in. Ted Cruz is bouncing to Mexico. There is also an apparent connection with HAARP and Joe Rogan. See video below by “MattsGonnaWakeUp“. He seems like an uncompromised truther worthy of promotion. Getting harder and harder to find non-actor-agent disinformation shills these days. I’ve recently discovered that both the Gateway Pundit and even my beloved L.A. Marzulli(Stevie Ray Vaughn) are actor agent shills. 💔

Texas is Being Played
The Simpsons Told Us About Ted Cruz

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