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Transgender Athletes Now Dominate Women’s Sports | Joe Biden’s Executive Order Eliminating Women’s Athletics is One of the Most Disgusting & Despicable Things Any World Leader Has Ever Signed

I have been so consumed with trying to thwart the rest of humanity’s plans to assist our diabolical world leaders with their genocidal aspirations by literally coercing the public into committing suicide, that I’ve neglected speaking on this recent Executive.Order. An order declares that “children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.”-Joe (Not My President Raging Pedophile Clown That Even Barry Soetoro Hated) Biden. My response to that would be that girls should be able to compete in scholastic athletics without having to worry about receiving a concussion from a biological male who’s decided they now identify as female for the purposes of steamrolling girls in am athletic competition.

I’m still a bit traumatized from having been forced to watch so many Covidiots scramble and fall over one and other in a frenzy to get a spot in line to get jabbed with one of these Covid vaccines(which aren’t even actual vaccines anyway) like a bunch of lobotomized Franksteins competing to see who can kill themselves first. So it’s about time I addressed this jaw-dropping new executive order and call it out for its mind-blowing outrageousness and the inevitable wave of chaos and insanity its about to unleash(by design of course). An asinine set of new Federal guidelines that will lead to the thorough and instantaneous annihilation of women’s sports. And I do mean annihilation.

There is no longer any such thing as women’s sports. It’s a wrap. You can choose between competing in the division for “Men” or the division for “Sociopathic Men Claiming to Be Women”. There is no longer a “Women’s” designation. It’s apparently far more important to allow men with mutilated genitalia(or still with a fully intact phallus) to maul biological woman on the field hockey or lacrosse field, than it is to provide an athletic sanctuary for athletes born with actual vaginas and the genetics of a human female. A space where women can compete against one and other in a fair and sane competitive landscape. That would be hateful huh? This is not OK. NOT OK! I’ve now become a staunch feminist. Yup. That’s where we are at. It’s time to go hard for WOMEN’S rights. WOMEN’S….

These transgender athletes are straight-up lying. THESE GUYS ARE FUNNNYYY.
Sociopath of the century.
The mental gymnastics that this one exhibits are almost impressive to be honest, but it makes it that much more cringy and shocking.

I would have thought that the feminist will-imposers from around the world would have risen-up in unified outrage and rallied in an attempt to stop this from happening. But nothing. Only silence. Everyone seems to be in hiding. Cowering in fear over what the leftist Gestapo might do in retaliation to anyone who dares to publicly stand-up for the rights of individuals born with a vagina between their legs. What the fuck happened to everyone? To the world? To society? This kind of stuff only further substantiates my recent stance that perhaps a culling of the population is neccessary. If this is how most people think these days, then perhaps most people do need to be removed from the population. In not even kidding. Maybe this is why resets are neccessary. Although the ones initiating the reset are the very ones responsible for the indoctrination campaigns that molded the public into the cringy post-modern mutations of human beings that we see today and why I’m increasingly sympathetic towards such plans involving the genocide of these useless dummies. So I’m not giving them any props for coming up with solutions to the problems they created in the first place.

This was one of the weakest and least persuasive attempts to defend ANYTHING that I’ve ever seen. Holy Jeez this shit is nuts. You can’t allow for a bunch of immature, attention-seeking, mentally deranged, gender dysforian sociopathic adolescents to dictate policy on something as impactful and consequential as this. They are simply going to take away scholarships from 2 biological females who would have actually had deserved them in the first place. In fact, these two don’t even seem like particularly authentic transgender individuals. It seems more like a scam to get a free ride to college that they wouldn’t have been able to secure via any other meritorious method. They need to make castration a requirement. That would weed out a lot of these selfish little assholes. They’ll likely fail out of whatever college they didn’t deserve entry into within the first two semesters. I’d like to follow their collegiate journey.

I really hope that certain collegiate institutions try to do something about this. But don’t count on it. We just watched a group that consists of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the total population, completely destroy female athletics for millions of girls around the country. This is all part of their Baphometic agenda to defile God’s original creation and to morph the population into androgynous abominations that are completely severed from the creator. They were saving shit like this for the last days. Another reason I believe we have seen the commencement of the “End Times”.

When Ashlee Evans beat the shit out of the self-castrating sociopath known as Fallen Fox to win a UFC tournament, it was one of the greatest moments in the history of the sport. In my humble opinion at least. Ashlee Evans is way cute too. The interview with Fox after the match just shows how pathetic and mentally disturbed these people are. I don’t want to classify all transgenders in this way, but the ones who compete as women that were born male are ABSOLUTELY mentally deranged and emotionally unbalanced sociopaths who have an unhealthy craving for attention and undeserved conquest that stems from a whole array of separate underlying mental health issues and past trauma.
“Game Face”(2015): DOCUMENTARY ON FALLEN FOX & OTHER TRANSGENDER ATHLETES. At the 26:58 mark you can see the attention-seeking sociopathic disposition that these trans athletes exhibit.

Fighting Fallon Fox: the controversial science of transgender athletes

Source: By. Niamh Harris | Newspunch | February 22, 2021

Transgender Athletes Now Dominate Women’s Sports

Transgender athletes now dominate women's sports

February 22, 2021 | By. Niamh Harris

As the world’s ruling class become more “woke,” growing numbers of transgender athletes are entering female sports and conquering women’s events.

One of Joe Biden’s first acts after becoming President was to sign an executive order on “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

The order declares that “children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.”

The woke policy officially endorses biological males competing against biological women in female sports.

Currently, a biological man who “identifies” as a woman is allowed to compete against biological females in athletics.

Here are five times transgender athletes shattered women’s sports records, according to The Daily Wire:

CeCe Telfer — Hurdles

Franklin Pierce University senior CeCe Telfer became an NCAA women’s track and field national champion in 2019.

Telfer, a biological male, completed the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 57.53 seconds — more than a second faster than his nearest rival. Earlier in the day, he earned All-America First Team honors in the 100-meter hurdles.

Telfer insisted that he overcame several disadvantages to clinch victory.

“First of all, my height, how tall I am, is a disadvantage, because the wind is hitting us so hard and the taller you are, the harder you fall, basically,” he told Outsports.

“There’s wind resistance.”

Critics of his transition into women’s track and field point out Telfer’s failure to finish inside the top 300 in the men’s Division III championships in 2017, his last year competing as a male.

Mary Gregory — Weightlifting

In the spring of 2019, Mary Gregory boasted that he dominated at a Raw Powerlifting Federation competition in Virginia.

He also broke four women’s world records: Masters world squat record, open world bench record, Masters world deadlift record, and Masters world total record.

“What a day, 9 for 9!” he declared on Instagram.

“As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone… treated me as just another female lifter- thank you!”

Gregory drew criticism from prominent female athletes. Olympic swimming medalist Sharron Davies noted that Gregory has “a male body with male physiology,” which creates “a pointless unfair playing field.”

Martial artist and podcast star Joe Rogan also commented on Gregory’s victory:

“That seems like a very strong man. So ridiculous.”

Following the criticism, the Raw Powerlifting Federation revoked Gregory’s world records and announced that they would form a new “Transgender Division.”

Terry Miller & Andraya Yearwood — Sprinting

At a Connecticut high school women’s track championship in 2019, two biological men left their opponents in the dust.

Terry Miller set a girls’ state indoor record for the 55-meter dash, completing the race in 6.95 seconds.

Andraya Yearwood — another biological male — placed second with a time of 7.23 seconds.

Miller also won the 300-meter event in 2019. In the previous year, the two athletes placed first and second in the 100-meter dash. 

Following the state championships, parents in Connecticut began circulating petitions to bar biological men from women’s track competitions.

Rachel McKinnon — Cycling

A semi-professional cyclist in Canada set the world record for the Women’s Sprint World Championship in the fall of 2019.

Rachel McKinnon — a biological male — would not have qualified for the men’s cycling competition.

Though his women’s world record was a time of 11.649 seconds, the top qualifying round time for the male division was 10.498 seconds.

Following the race, McKinnon wrote an op-ed for The New York Times entitled “I Won a World Championship. Some People Aren’t Happy.” 

“The rules require me to race in the women’s category,” he argued.

“That’s exactly where I belong: I am a woman, after all. I am female as well.”

McKinnon told Sky News that “the people who oppose my existence still want to think of me as male,” going on to cite what he views as a false belief that “men are always stronger than women.”

While competing against, and beating, full-time professional female cyclists, McKinnon only cycles part-time alongside his full-time job as a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina.

Mack Beggs — Wrestling

Mack Beggs — a biological female who claims to be male — dominated for two consecutive years at the Texas state wrestling championships.

Beggs takes doses of testosterone as part of her transition, which enabled her to physically dominate her opponents.

In the 2018 state tournament, she won 36 straight matches.

A video from the 2018 competition shows Beggs pinning her opponent in a matter of seconds, which earned boos from the crowd.

Beggs desired to compete with males, but her request was overruled by Texas’ University Interscholastic League.

The organization instructed her to continue wrestling with her fellow females in spite of the advantage from her hormone treatments.

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