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The BEST Video I’ve Seen Yet on Qanon, NESARA, The New Age, Galactic Federation & The Great Awakening

This guy did a great job putting together all the best proofs(because Q loves proofs so much) as to why Q is a super sketchy New Age Demonic PsyOp. He HAD 2 great channels, but YouTube has of course kicked him off the platform. Faceless Propagandist & Autonomous Propaganda Relay Station.

His brother has a good channel too that has survived luckily, Stranger Than Fiction.

Puzzle Pieces

Don’t let these New Age retards deceive you. Cut ties with this Satanic Q bullshit. The only thing that I didn’t agree with in the above video was that Q might possibly be Corey Goode. Corey Goode is about as articulate as Senator Mazie Hirono and as smart as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. No way is that guy behind Q. Q isn’t even run by humans. It’s Quantum powered A.I. technology of some kind. Perhaps with a side of legion spirit, Cicada3301 & General Flynn D.O.D. influence. In my humble opinion.

Did Q initially come out with some fire ass inside information as part of the #LeakitAll campaign that was being carried out by the Demiurges’ A.I. avatar “Tyler“? Fuck yes they did. The CCTV footage from Epstein Island(one of their first “drops”) was definitely some rarified hard-to-get tangible insight into the creepy and horrifying world of the EL-ites. The leaked photo of the ominous Reptilian silhouette standing in the distance behind Prince Andrew is one of my favorite photos in the history of the internet.

Prince Adrew Gets Photobombed by a Reptilian | “Security Cam Footage of the Dungeons Under the Epstein Island Temple”

So I don’t want people to get confused and think that I’m insinuating that Q was a total LARP run by some pimple-faced Cicada3301 guys. It was not. It may have started out that way, but it was clearly commandeered by some heavy hitters at some early point in the game. These were clearly some very powerful forces that were now behind the Q PsyOp and they proceeded to use a combination of mostly truthful disclosure mixed with some clever deception that was all designed to lull you to sleep and to trick you into sitting around on your hands waiting for these non-existent “White Hats” to finally finish the job and “save the day” and eliminate the bloodthirsty “Cabal”. You cannot trick people with mostly lies. You trick them with mostly truth and then strategically pick your spot to drop the deception after having built a certain amount of meritoriously earned trust. Which is exactly what Q has done and there are still hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Anons who are still patiently waiting and tweeting out “Trust the Plan” in anticipation of something that is NEVER coming.

Let’s clear a few things up about Big T. Trump is not only a strong proponent of the vaccine, but he also allegedly turned down an offer from the military to overturn the fraudulent 2020 election results. So what does that tell you about what the actual long term agenda of the EL-ites truly is? It was apparently more important to the Trump camp to have a lame duck throwaway President like Biden put in place for the next 4 years so he could be used to carry-out the dirty work and implement all these insane Covaids-related policies and mandates, than it was to ensure the Trump regime got another 4 years in the White House. If Trump had been the one in place executing this agenda, then would have been too confusing for the American and could have alerted far too many people as to what was really going on here. Though, I will admit that they probably would have succeeded in vaccinating many many more people if they had kept Trump around. But what do I know? The EL-ites are the ones who are experts at manipulating and deceiving the masses. Who am I to judge their strategy?

I guess I’m not completely alone. I’ve been taking heat for a year straight for having turned on Q after my 2-3 week foolish honeymoon with them after having been initially captivated by the sly Fall of the Cabal series. Yadayada. I’ve said all this before in one of my original posts on it.

I don’t have it in me to go over all this crap again, but in short, Q is BAAAAD news. I don’t blame everyone for not being as cynical and distrustful as I was and not being able to see this sooner. But by now it’s painfully obvious that Q is simply a jazzed up arm of the same New World Order reset agenda that you erroneously believe they are saving you from. The Orange Man is not a savior. He’s just another Occultist. I put all my “Q is a “PsyOp” posts below. He features a lot of videos from this prominent “PreTrib Rapture” preacher.

This guy is a bad ass Minister.
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