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James Tracy EXPOSED as Another Sandy Hook Actor-Agent Asset | Christine Blasey-Ford is Amy Schumer | False Flag Shooting at Delta State University in Cleveland MS(FIXED VID BUFFERING ISSUE)

I wanted to try to resurrect some of DallasGoldBugs(Wellaware1.com) work that he had done on so many of these False Flag shootings and his exposure of so many of these despicable actor-agents. He had his website pulled for obvious reasons. He has some of the best work out there. This is why you have to choose an offshore hosting setup and remain anonymous.

James Tracy EXPOSED as Sandy Hook Actor-Agent Hoax
Another Actor-Agent Asset who has injected themselves into the “truther” community to appear on the equally compromised Infowars platform. This guy is not some innocent college professor. He worked for DHS. https://freedom.social/ftv/MackDreye/video/95696
Christine Blasey-Ford is Amy Schumer
Wake up dummies. You’re being trolled.
(False Flag)Delta State University in Cleveland MS
Yet another sloppily executed and unconvincing “Active Shooter” scenario. If you hear them use the term “Active Shooter”, then you know it’s a False Flag operation. https://freedom.social/ftv/public/video/95697
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