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Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq | LIZARD DOWN: Prince Philip Missing for 12 Days 🦎 | Royal Lizards in Exile Gossip

Kinninigan is still my go-to source for Royal Reptilian gossip or any lizard gossip for that matter. Even if he is still under the spell of Q and their Kekian Chaos Magick. Tomorrow is a big day Anons. March 4! Trumps inauguration! Possibly even the annointing of the AntiChrist if JFK Jr. shows his face finally. Let’s see if we end up facing the same overpowering feelings of disappointment that we felt on inauguration day or they actually deliver for once. Yeah yeah. “The Alliance is in control”. “The White Hats are in charge”. Keep telling yourself that.

I have no doubt that the Biden Administration is a total facade and that Joe and Hunter are D.E.A.D. DEAD. However, those who are in charge at the moment and who so many believe represent this secret conglomerate of benevolent Patriots, don’t actually give two shits about humanity and never did. Most of them don’t even appear to be human.

We’ve simply been watching Serpent Seed Group A battle it out with Serpent Seed Group B. It’s been one big Tribe of Dan family fued of sorts. Look, I know we saw all those cars swarm the White House on inauguration night and apparently whisk away all these treasonous politicians and supposedly liberate all those DUMBS underneath the White House that Gene Retard keeps talking about. Which may even be partially true. We did see some children coming out of the building.

Gene does a good job at supplementing his fantastical tales with bits of truth. Most good deceivers do. But how do we know they didn’t just substitute these politicians with synthetic clones? If we knew something was coming, don’t you think they might have as well? Cuomo knew to stay away from D.C. that day. How do we know that this whole thing isn’t just a staged production being put on by shapeshifting, claw-having, non-human parasites? Actually, we do know it is. The WHOLE THING is. The movie you’ve been watching has been our reality our entire lives. NOTHING that comes from the mouths of any of these fucks has ever been true. Much of what you see on your television screen isn’t even true.

Ask Gene Decode how his buddy Timothy Charles Holmseth is doing. Go ahead. Ask him. The latest bit of gossip from the White Hat worshipping community has CirstenW being pegged as some kind of Chinese insider. Hahaha! She can barely even read! When CirstenW had both Gene Decode and Timothy Charles Holmseth on together at the same time on one livestream, I’m surprised the universe didn’t collapse on itself into a black hole from having been forced to bear the weight of 3 cringy con-artists of that caliber compressed into such a small area of space-time with all that LARP activity going on between the 3 of them. 3 jackass creeps all pretending to be insiders of various pedigrees. I got a hairline fracture in my collar bone from cringing when I first saw it and had to quickly turn it off. You could have torn a hole in the universe Cirsten!

Source: https://truthbits.blog/2021/03/02/q-is-for-the-queens-qinetiq/

Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq


This video was uploaded to VIMEO in February 2020. It was promptly removed and our channel banned from Vimeo. Listen what the British-American Pilgrims did not want you to hear. We had to divide it into 2 parts to get it to upload to our platform.

Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel give the AIM community a history lesson that explains the coronavirus plandemic. Who is behind a global plan of genocide is explained and exposes high-level planetary rulers like the Rothschilds and the Queen of England.

Our research can be found at:

Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell

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Part 2: GAB: https://tv.gab.com/channel/gabriels_horn/view/q-is-for-the-queens-qinetiq-603e664728bc94e9fda7e675

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