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Fake Ex-Military “Insiders” Are Exposed in “The Theory of Time Travel” Gematria Decode. Will Be Punished Upon the Return of the Messiah

The amount of insight given in Tim Ochs II original “The Theory of Time Travel” decode really is staggering. I know a lot of people are either too dumb or too spiritually disjointed to be able to see just how jaw-dropping these results actually are. But for those of us who take notice of the world around us and are interested in looking into that world at a depth that goes beyond gossiping about what vile tweet Cardi B just made about her mutilated penis that she tries claiming is her vagina, there is actually some wild stuff one can uncover about that Mad World reality matrix we find ourselves living in.

Which brings me back to this Decode and one line in particular that is as prophetic as it gets as it relates to fake ex-military brass who are running around in the alternative news community acting like they are these ultra secret insiders privy to an array of inside info on covert operations that are being carried out by this group of supposedly benevolent “white hats” who are saving children from these underground bases where they are being experimented on, raped and murdered by evil clandestine Cabal members. Something that very likely is happening by the way. However those who are reporting on it are lying through their teeth.

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The exact phrase that the TO2’s decode revealed is:

It is being reported all of you so called ex military who are reporting the fake news you must announce the messiah sooner than later you must announce the messiah is here sooner than later

Did you hear that Gene Decode and Juan O’Savin? The Son of God is about to mess you up pretty badly once he makes his triumphant return onto the world stage if you keep this shit up and continue propagating this con that you got going on. It’s as if the encoded information in this decode was addressing these particular clowns directly.

Let’s be clear. I am by NO MEANS claiming that these underground DUMBS filled with imprisoned children don’t exist. On the contrary. It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that their existence is an unfortunate reality and that all kinds of unspeakable horrors happen below our feet. We have videos on social media that have recorded explosions ringing out below the ground and shots of smoke billowing out from the sewer systems and ventilation shafts connected to what one could presume is one of these facilities. So there is definitely something going on down there and there very likely have been children liberated from the clutches of these wretched human traffickers as a result of these operations. Operations that I’ve characterized as being more along the lines of the Golden Dawn Occult faction that Trump and JFK Jr. are loyal to, taking out the strongholds of their rival Phoenix Order initiates. Nothing more than an ongoing civil dispute between Cannanite rivals within the Tribe of Dan. Much like the ongoing dispute between Jesuit & Templar factions within the Vatican.

So while I will concede that there is in fact a form of underground warfare going on below our feet at the moment, Gene Decode & Juan O’Savin are not on the receiving end of any detailed intel-drops that are providing either of them with intricate detailed accounts of these specific military operations that he is continously relaying to the public on the lineup of various YouTube channels that he’s constantly making appearances on. Gene is basically telling us what he thinks could be happening in theory. He’s just filling in the blanks. Same with Juan. They know there is no way this stuff can ever be cross-checked and verified for its legitimacy “out of respect for the confidentiality of the victims”, so they have no problem keeping at it and going petal to the metal with their fictional theoretical accounts of all these rescue operations or secret government operations.

Gene claimed that a General was going to walk out and arrest Biden right there on stage in front of the world on inauguration day. He claimed that the execution of Tom Hanx(which I DO believe happened) would be revealed to the public back in May. He also says that the Galactic Federation of Light are positioned around the globe in giant spacecraft and waiting for enough of humanity “to wake up” before finally revealing themselves and gifting us all sorts of free energy technology and high-tech “medbeds” that will cure any and all ailments. He’s recently said that some kind of rapture is about to happen. Oh, and don’t forget he claimed that this guy👇 was the head of the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” and “one man away from Trump”. I don’t recommend it, but you can watch Gene’s ridiculousness on CirstenW’s stupid ass channel to see for yourself.

Sarah Westall still supports this guy. David Zublick has had him on(has since scrubbed the evidence). CirstenW had Gene & Timothy on at the same time. Juan O’Savin promoted him. So you can see that they have a whole network of con-artists who have featured this guy. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Timothy has a bunch of websites( | https://www.writeintoaction.com | https://timothycharlesholmseth.com | ) and is still on the run after missing his last court date.




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