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Operation Vampire Killer 2000: POLICE AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER

Thanks to the sub who sent this to me. Operation Vampire Killer is an apparent organization of law enforcement officials and officers who are taking a direct stand against any efforts by any foriegn parties/powers to usurp our Constitutional sovereignty and attempt to establish a One World Government. I hate even having to type that phrase out. “One World” anything just sounds dirty. You may know by now that I’m no fan of law enforcement. I find most of them to be power-trippy toolbags and I’ve made that abundantly clear in some of my previous posts. But I admittedly have a bit of a bias against them that stems from a laundry list of personal fueds I’ve had with them as well as the fact that they killed my cousin Jerry who I get my pen name from. So I guess these pigs appear to be on the right side of things and deserve credit for that. We can’t be too picky about choosing our allies in these times.


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