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Creepy Joe Riding Around in Beat-up Old Chevy. But He’s Our President? Righhhhhht…JOE BIDEN IS DEAD & GONE

The real Joe is laying next to Hunter in the family crypt with fresh puncture marks from the lethal injection serum they were administered by rival Occultist Trump and his Golden Dawn pals. The sad part is, I think it may even be Big T himself under that Biden silicone mask. Or Ron Masak actually.



Joe Biden (Clone) Hasn’t Been Human Since 1970s!!

Jim Fetzer, Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”: Just Not the Same Guy


It’s no longer just a figure of speech when they say “the veil is lifting”. It’s actually happening. The matrix is actually breaking down and revealing the true form of the entities who are in charge of our world. They aren’t human and they despise us.

I’m actually not quite sure if this is the “image maker” software that Rose Hannah & Jason Bickford first spotted, that allows them to create “deep fakes”, or 100% fabricated-from-scratch, live videos of anyone they want, using these Quantum powered processors. OR if this is a result of the hologram tech that these non-human entities use to mask their true form, having a catastrophic failure on live TV. I have to point out that I’ve never seen a failure that looked like this before. It’s nothing like the liquid crystal glitch-outs that we often see when a Reptilian is losing control of their hologram. Which leads me to believe that this is all “image-maker”.

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