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I Apologize to Cullen Smith of “Lifting the Veil” by Hastily Slandering Him When I Labeled Him as an “Occultist”. | Inoculum of Truth 🦠💉🧬🤖 Cov🆔2020 ☣️ CoronaVirus Documentary Lifting The Veil 👀 | +Westworld Decode. A.I. Database

I have a tendency to overreact to the brazen “Occultic Posturing” that I constantly see from various internet personalities when I see them pose in a certain way or throw up hand signs that carry with them dark underlying insinuations. Usually when I call out one of these individuals, I will get a vile barrage of insults and personal attacks, laden with profanity and off-topic rhetoric designed to deflect and deceive. But in Cullens’ case I was surprised by his mostly calm and mature rebuke of my suspicions that he was an Occultist. A response that he was in no way obligated to give. He actually went as far to post a short video where he provided me with a reasonable and believable explanation why he was using the profile pic in question. This was definitely a first as far as reactions go when calling out a suspected deceptive Occultist. He seemed genuinely irked to have been characterized in that way and deemed it important enough to respond in the way that he did. Sometimes I get it wrong and in this case, I was in the wrong.

Most authentic initiates would remain unambiguously boastful of their ongoing alliances with the dark esoteric forces that empower them. They would never be straight-up offended in the way Mr. Smith was for me having essentially labeled him as a Warlock of sorts. Deep down they would be proud of the insinuation and would struggle to hide that. So because of his genuine reaction of being offended(and because I can find no other pictures like the one in question) I actually do believe him and therfore would like to apologize for what was a hasty and knee-jerk judgement of his character on my part.(My subs know how rare of an occurrence it is for me to humbly apologize to someone).

👈This was the pic that triggered my initial suspicions.

I am also relieved to a certain extent because I think he is one of the more talented and thorough researchers/content creators out there within the Esoteric community. I did not want to have to unsubscribe from yet another YouTuber after having discovered their true prerogatives and deceptive agenda. Cullens “Lifting the Veil” YouTube channel had been a favorite of mine and still is. His “Symbols of Power” series is awesome and one of my go-to’s for citations on symbolisms. But I especially enjoyed his Westworld decodes, specifically many of the startling details he uncovered relating to the transhumanist agenda(s) he was able to identify that were craftily embedded in the storyline of Season 3. The transhumanist theme in general is an obvious one in all Westworld seasons, but he pointed out certain little details that I would have never noticed on my own and that were clearly designed to be used for predictive programming when writing the script. Making these finds not just fascinating, but potentially useful to anyone trying to safeguard against these planned transgressions against humanity and the hijacking of the sovereignty of our physical bodies. Something the EL-ites are planning on attempting to try to seize from us and synchronize each and every individual with a type of synthetic hivemind that gives them a sickening amount of real-time information about each and every person that’s hooked up to it, including even direct physical control over our actions and thoughts. I shit you not. Their near obsession with pushing this “New Normal” starts to make a scary amount of sense once you realize what they have planned for humanity.

In this brilliant video he goes over how the Coronavirus HOAX/PSYOP is being used as the main vector to to help usher in of the New (ONE) World Order. The 4th Phase of the Industrial Revolution.

  • PHASE 4 is the 4th phase of the Industrial Revolution: (what they’re really doing to establish the NWO). NWO: One World Government, Global Digital Currency, Telemedicine, Teletherapy.
  • Social ISOLATION(Alone-Together)
  • Intelligence Data Grid
  • Smart Biometric Identification
  • The Neon God or Central A.I. Database that depicted as the Sun CORONA.(Looks a lot like an eye ball too. Eyelashes and all)

His series “They Built a God” is a good place to pick up where this documentary leaves off and delve into the rest of Westworlds hidden meaning and uncover more of what our parasitical overlords have in store for us. This inspired me to watch Season 3 all over again. This is what they plan on implementing in order to establish a social credit system and establish a “Behavioral Futures” market and all.

Below is a playlist of all his videos. Like I said, he’s one of the best YouTubers around so I’m relieved that he doesn’t appear to be yet another Occultist.

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