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I know this will surprise you, but Jesus is a PAGAN term for the “HORSE” and likely means the Mark of the Beast!

I’m not trying to go on a “Sacred Namer” reign of terror again, but it’s important to know who or what it is you are actually worshipping when you use certain titles. I don’t want to hear how “he knows what I mean, so it doesn’t matter what name I use“. That’s a cop out. Especially if you now know better. Would you like it if someone kept calling you “punk ass faggot bitch”? After you told them that your name was actually “Bob”, only to tell you “well, you know what I mean, but I’m just used to this name because that’s what I was incorrectly originally taught“.

If your still rolling with the Catholic Church, or modern Christianity in general, and still using “Jesus”, you are just being arrogant and foolishly stubborn.

I am sure that I will end up finding out that “Ahayah Yashiya” or “Yasha” is ALSO some kind of iteration of what was originally a demonic construct of the Demiurge.


I know this will surprise you, but Jesus is a PAGAN term for the “HORSE” and likely means the Mark of the Beast!

There was no letter J 500 years ago so the Messiah could not be called Jesus! The original name of our Saviour was not Jesus or Iesous or IESVS or ihesus, but Yâsha’.

Jesus in the Bible is a pagan term. Many people think that it is permissible to still use the pagan titles of God, Lord, Jesus because man says it is permissible. But do we go by what man says in such an important matter or do we look to the scriptures for answers?

Matt.15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

A 1380 Wycliffe Bible has ihesus crist,for Jesus Christ.
A 1611 KJV Bible has IESVS

The Greek hybrid of Jesus, which is a poor transliteration from the Greek IE-Zeus or Sous.
The Greeks, like all others, liked to give the names of their deities to famous men, and as they changed Elisha into El-i-Seus, com- memorating Zeus, so they did likewise to the greatest name given under heaven, they changed the name of the Messiah into Ie-Sous, a name made by combining the names of Ie (Ee-Aye) and Zeus.
Now “IE” (EA) is the Babylonian deity of healing (A New Std. Bible Dict. p. 819).
Of Zeus, Hislop says, “It has been all along well known that the Greeks occa- sionally worshipped the supreme deity under the title ‘Zeus the Saviour’.”—The Two Babylons.
Therefore in the combination of IE and ZEUS, we have the modern form IE-SOUS (Jesus) which contains the primitive meaning of “Zeus our Healer,” instead of the Name which the angel gave unto the “to be born” Mes- siah.

But what does “Iesous” mean in Greek. It has no meaning in Hebrew; as it is not a Hebrew word. In Greek, “Iesous” literally translated means “Hail Zeus”. The name “Jesus” didn’t even exist until the 4th Century and was a later derivative of the late Latin Isus.
According to the “Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend” Greek names that end in sus, seus, and sous were attached at the end in order to give honor to their supreme deity…Zeus.

Iesou and Iesous existed in the LXX (Septuagint). Joshua or Jeshua (Yeshua) YHWH saves or saved from YHWH. That is why I don’t use Joshua or Jeshua (Yeshua) because it means YHWH saves/saved. There was no W in Hebrew and no J in english.

Yâsha’ in Hebrew means Saviour. “My Saviour” would be Yâshayah. In our Saviour’s word, His Father’s Name was given to Him. The Father’s Name is Ahâyâh.
see Jesus King of Edessa by Ralph Ellis
“…Behold, the LYING pen of the SCRIBES has certainly worked deceit and WRITTEN them WRONG. The wise are ashamed; they are terrified and are captured.” Jeremiah 8:8

Tyndale translated the New Testament into the English language of the common people and was the first to use the letter (j) in the spelling of Christ’s Name, rendering it “Jesus.” And about the same time, Spanish-speaking people took this same English spelling and pronounced it “Hay-soos”(which is an accurate pronunciation of the Greek spelling).

Now realize that hey-soos is a legitimate Hebrew word! The name Jesus transliterated into Hebrew is “hey-soos.”

There is only ONE word for “horse” in Hebrew, which in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is Hebrew word #5483 “soos.” It is used a total of 34 times in the Old Testament. ”Hey” in Hebrew means “the,” “Soos” in Hebrew means “horse,” so Hey-soos literally means: “THE HORSE!”

Hebrew is the language of the Father and all the heavenly host, with the Savior’s Name coming from AHYH’s throne in heaven. And the Hebrew-speaking Apostles NEVER called their Messiah (Jesus) “Hey-soos” – the HORSE! So, just so we are all aware, Hey-soos does not mean Savior, nor salvation, nor deliverance – it means: the HORSE.

CHRISTIANS PRAY TO THE HORSES OF WAR! Unger’s Bible Dictionary, p.500 shows:

“Horse, figurative. On account of the strength of the horse, he has become the symbol of war (Deut.32:13; Psa.66:12; Isa.58:14; Zech.9:10, 10:3); of conquest…The war horse rushing into battle is figurative of the impetuosity of the wicked in sin (Jer.8:6). In Zecharyah 6:2-7 the prophet mentions horses that were red, black, white, and speckled…”

So, to recap, “Jesus” is derived from Strong’s Greek #2424 Iesous, pronounced hey-soos, which is the Hebrew word for “the horse.” And remember that the Apostle Paul heard the heavenly messenger of the Messiah say in Hebrew “hey-soos” each time one of the horses was mentioned of we hear in the book of Revelation.

All churches right now are making things worse calling out the wrong name of the messiah, they are calling for war!Two factors contributed greatly to the substitution and the distortion of our Saviour’s Name. The first was the superstitious teaching of the Jews that the Father’s Name is not to be uttered and that the Name must be “disguised” outside of the temple of Jerusalem. The second factor was the strong anti-Judaism feeling that prevailed amongst the Gentiles. They wanted a saviour, but not a Jewish one.

According to Wörterbuch der Antike, the substitute name can be traced back to the Latin Iesus and the Greek Iesous. Then, it can be traced back to an adaptation of the name of the Greek healing goddess Ieso. The Greek-English Lexicon of Liddell and Scott, confirm this. To Greeks who venerated a healing goddess Ieso, a saviour Iesous must have been most acceptable, suggests a writer in Philologische Wochenschrift. In spite of attempts to justify the “translating” of the Father’s Name and His Son’s Name, it cannot be done. A person’s name remains the same in all languages.

The father of the Greek goddess Ieso was Asclepius, the deity of healing. The father of Asclepius was Apollo, the great sun-deity. Thus, the name Iesous can be traced back to sun-worship. There is also a relationship to the Egyptian goddess Isis and her son Isu. According to Reallexikon der Agpyptischen Religionsgeschichte, the name of Isis appears in hieroglyphic inscriptions as ESU or ES. Isu and Esu sound exactly like “Jesu” that the Saviour is called in the translated Scriptures of many languages.

Esus was a Gallic deity comparable to the Scandanavian Odin. The Greek abbreviation for Iesous is IHS, which is found on many inscriptions made by the Church during the middle Ages. IHS was the mystery name of Bacchus (Tammuz), another sun-deity. These are a few examples only.

The YABS bible uses Yasha for the Messiah’s name

Now, assign the multiples of 9 to each letter of the English alphabet where A=9, B=18, C=27, and so on.  I have done it for you below.


If you take the name JESUS and add up the numbers that correspond to each letter in his name you will get…
Undeniable evidence that Jesus, the son of God, is in fact the anti-Christ.

The YABS bible uses Yasha for the Messiah’s name

I am not against the Judge and Saviour, the Messiah. Only the name Jesus is wrong. There was no letter J 2000 years ago, so His name cannot be Jesus. The Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures still has the New Testament, only the name for the Messiah is Yasha, which is Saviour in Hebrew.

In Judaism in the Talmud they believe that the Messiah was rightfully executed as a blasphemer and idolater. I don’t believe that. A good book on why I am not a Jew is Jesus in the Talmud.

You deserve to own a bible that has the proper holy names of the Father and Son. How else can you be saved? How else can your prayers be answered? The Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures is a true Holy name Bible.

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