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Who is this St. Germaine? Where Did All This NESARA/GESARA Cash Come From? Quite the Shady Character. Sanada IS St. Germaine who IS Lord Jesus who IS the AntiChrist.

Why hello Czar Nicholas, I thought you and your entire family were slaughtered by Bolshevicks after your twin brother, I mean “cousin”, King George II, hung you out to dry and refused to give you refuge, allowing you to fall into the hands of the very same revolutionaries the British crown helped to finance? What you doing out here preaching the New Age with all this cash? Damn son. Czar Nicholas IS St. Germaine who IS the ascended master Lord Jesus who IS the false white “Jesus”, the AntiChrist. We know the real Messiah was of Middle Eastern descent and was not nailed to a Pagan Latin cross.

The Cross Deception and The Nazarene Code | Shroud of Turin Deception

Let’s Get it Straight: The Cross is Pagan & Demonic & Jesus(Yahusha) was NEVER Nailed to the Demonic Latin Cross, But Hung Upon a Post or a Tree

This Sanada EmmanuEL crap is pissing me the fuck off. I guess “EmannuEL” is just another blasphemous iteration for the Son of Man just like “Jesus”, “Yeshua” and even “Sun of Man” itself is. Along with the other iterations of God that I’ve unearthed as pure B.S.

Master Jesus Sanada or Lord Jesus is the same figure as St. Germaine and the false Caucasian Jesus. The AntiChrist (in place of Christ).

I know this will surprise you, but Jesus is a PAGAN term for the “HORSE” and likely means the Mark of the Beast! | AHAYA.COM

“God” “Lord” “god”, lord” and “Elohim” = SATAN |

I don’t even know what name to use anymore. I guess just plain “Christ” is still ok. But that’s more of a title one is anointed with and there appear to have been many “Christs” throughout history. Buddha was even thought to have been one of these “Christos” figures. Though I’m leaning towards Buddha having been just another Fallen Angel masquerading as a new God.

This video gives an alternative take on these paridigms and the origins of the “Christos”. “Alternative” is being kind. But we must absorb all viewpoints to make the best of what we have access to as far as information goes.

I’ve been leaning towards the Ahayah & Yashiya iterations more and more lately. They are the most ancient of all and least likely to have been the result of modification by Babylonian Talmud reading, baby dick biting Rabbis and fuckhead Jesuits who have been defiling all the ancient texts with their own debauchery for thousands of years. If they think they are going to confuse me into abandoning my faith and belief in the one true creator God, they got another thing coming. I’m only even more emboldened to sift through their bullshit and call them out.

St. Germaine ~ The Delightful Journey of Becoming and Never-ending Expansion



I come here today, to talk a little about what is happening in your world. The entire Gesara / Nesara plan is being implemented slowly and with great caution. I need you to believe that this financial plan will be the liberation plan; the plan that will allow each of you to have food at the table; abundant food, healthy food; that all of you will have a roof, to protect you; that all of you will have a job, to walk your soul’s journey.
This financial process is aimed at destroying the immense fortunes of those who took from you for centuries, centuries and even millennia. The idea here is to help everyone on their journey, so that they can have what they have always dreamed of and be sure of their journey of life, which they will never have. The implementation process is slow, because the process does not use any existing financial basis. The system is quantum and is maneuvered and maintained by the Light. So empty out those feelings, these thoughts, that you will be stolen, or that you will not have, what is being promised.
Understand the following: it will not be your government, who will determine how much each one will receive, that is already defined. It will not be your government that will facilitate for one and withdraw from the other. The work of mapping all bank accounts has been done for a long time. So we know exactly, who are all those who will receive something from this project. Many may think that there is judgment in the amount that each will receive. This could never be egalitarian, because if it were, those who eternally stole from you would also receive it. And for sure, all of these are outside the sharing.
The new currency will not represent any of the existing currencies today. So it is useless, that one currency is worth more than the other, because that is not taken into account, when sharing for you. Everything is being done in a thoughtful and extremely quiet way. We cannot say that all the leaders of all countries agreed with this, because for many, just having power, having a lot of money, helps wars and superiority. This is all over. There will be no more wars on your planet; all weapons were disarmed. So there is nothing, as a result of any attempt by the non-light to provoke a war, nothing will happen; the weapons are gone.
When it is said here, that you just have to trust. I will repeat this again: do not be anxious about what will happen, because each one will receive what is right for them, depending on their journey. We are being very fair. When will everything happen and come to you? We cannot affirm or place dates; it all depends on the implementation of the system worldwide, on the entire planet. The nations will receive what they are entitled to and which has been stolen over so long, so that they can rise, so that they can take directions in their economies. Unaffected by debts with other countries; this will end. Each country will be able to maintain itself according to what it produces, according to its financial flow.
Some things are required in this whole process. It is not simply that countries earn a large sum of money, or debt relief, and that ends there. Of course not; there will be a lot linked to this whole process. Cleaning will start. Many industries that today keep you under total control will be eliminated. Little by little, everything that does harm to the planet and what it produces, is for your enslavement, all these companies will be destroyed. This is only part of what will happen.
With this I want you to realize, that the process is not fast and it is not easy. It is a slow process. We don’t put dates, we have no way of telling each of you, when it will happen, at your level. There are many variables throughout the process. I can only state here and now that the implementation is in progress. When it will end, we don’t know; because everything depends, as always, on the attitude of the governors, your leaders. All countries will be involved, but rest assured, there are many that are not accepting. So this certainly slows down the whole process. No one will be left out, the deployment will be across the planet. So how come some countries are not going to enter? Everyone has to accept.
You may ask yourself, “And if the leader doesn’t allow it, will that happen?” Rest assured, that the project will be implemented. There is no point in saying how, I just say that it will be implemented. You must trust, that we would not do, such a project of financial equalization of the planet, to leave in the hands of those who have always manipulated you. You still don’t understand, how it will all happen. So right now, you just have to wait and trust. Everyone will receive, some more, others less. As I said, according to the walk of each one. “Will everyone receive?” Yes, everyone will receive, but some, as I said, will be left out. The “Everyone” I refer to, is in relation to all those who deserve to receive; all those who have always been harmed, over time and have been forced into miserable, hungry, homeless lives.
It will not be a given value, for there is simply no exchange. The work continues. Many will be relocated for the new industries that will emerge. Think about it: the world will continue to turn, the planet will continue to produce. You still need food. So much will continue. And be sure that everything that hurts the planet, that pollutes or that does harm or damage, to your bodies, will be destroyed; will not exist. So a lot of things will have to be produced in another way. Many industries will emerge; sustainable industries and for the purpose of the good of humanity. Then everyone will have a job; everyone will work on what they know how to do. Those who have no aptitude, who do a little of everything, will be trained and work where the process brings them pleasure.
Nobody else will work thanks. Everyone will enjoy what they do, as this is a new world. There is no sense of revolt; it cannot exist. Then the jobs will be fully accepted, by those who work and everyone will work happily, because they will know that they are acting for the whole and everyone will do it with great love. So it has to be and it will be. A lot will still happen before the event. Much remains to be implemented on the planet, before the event. So don’t worry about dates, stay balanced as if the event were today, every day, never leave it until tomorrow, because you can be caught by surprise.
Always prepare today; stay ready today. And you will see a lot before the event. Caution is the best way to implement anything. Despair for everything to happen leads to chaos. We are not standing still, we are acting steadily across the planet. You do not know, because your media insist on not divulging. For what? To take the focus off their power, because you are attentive to everything they say; so this way, they maneuver you. So if they start saying, that the light is acting, it is changing everything on the planet, it is to admit categorically, that they are losing power, and that they will never do.
I will be the conductor of the new world. The Violet Light of transmutation, will act intensely transmuting everything; everything that is not suitable, in love and light. And all of you will have the Violet Light in your bodies, to help each one of you, to stay balanced, in the new dimension. Trust me. We are not standing still. Everything is moving. And don’t expect to know anything from your media. Whoever wants to know something, search. It has reliable sources, informing everything that happens. Stay informed and wait. Liberation is very close. We can’t just elevate you and the world. And the environment where you will live? You have to be used to living in a new environment, in a new paradigm. Where at every moment, every day, you can say: We are all one!
I AM SAINT GERMAIN! And I am always available, for those who want to transmute, everything that bothers you, in love and light.
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