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BLM Racially Taunt and Scare Little Kids and Their Parents in Louisville, It Doesn’t End Well for Them

Ya’ll know by now that I am no fan of the bitch-ass police and never will be, but cmon now. They’re still on the Brianna Taylor bullshit? A case that involved a curious little detail that the press conveniently always seems to leave out when discussing. That “little” detail being that Taylor’s boyfriend CAME CHARGING OUT OF THE HOUSE WILDLY FIRING HIS GUN AT THE COPS AFTER THEY HAD SHOWN UP. Yeah, they don’t fill you in on that little part of the story. It wouldn’t matter anyway. All those protestors that you see out there are slaves. Their minds have been enslaved ideologically by the white liberal who have painstakingly trained and indoctrinated them to obediently and consistently cry victim at each and every opportunity that presents itself throughout their lives . Especially if they can pull out that race card. Boy do they love whipping the thing out. Blaming whitey for all their ails and never taking a shred of damn responsibility for anything. Pumping out kids for the maximum allowance from the state on the sliding welfare scale. It’s a travesty. The welfare state continues to hold down an entire culture. All by design. The design of the white liberal that Malcom X tried to warn us all about. I’m thankful that man was able to say as much as he did before being murdered. If he were alive today he would bitch slap LeBron James to death right there on the spot live during one of his post-game press conferences that his illiterate ass stumbles and bumbles his way through, pathetically virtue signaling for the duration and trying to remember what his handlers told him to say as the reporters in the room try not to crack their collar bones from cringing too hard.

Source: By Nick Arama | Red State | Mar 07, 2021 11:30 PM ET

BLM Racially Taunt and Scare Little Kids and Their Parents in Louisville, It Doesn’t End Well for Them

By Nick Arama | Mar 07, 2021 11:30 PM ET

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

BLM were trying to lead a caravan protest around the city of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday.

But they ended up stopping in front of the convention center and verbally attacking little kids and their parents who were trying to go in and out of a cheerleading competition.

The BLM was lined up all in front of the center and the families had to go through them in order to get into the building.

You could hear someone on a bullhorn yelling at the kids to “Do something black today with your white privilege besides cheer.” It was obvious the girls were confused as to why they were being assailed by these people.

“Black mothers are burying their babies while white mothers take their children to cheer competitions. Do something black today with your white privilege, thank you,” the BLM person admonished the children. Meanwhile as they were screaming at the kids, some were also armed.

How vile is it to go after little kids? And exactly why are they targeting these kids? One family member posted on twitter about how the kids were all scared. Pro tip, leftists? When you’re attacking little kids, you’re on the wrong side of anything right.

But ultimately it doesn’t end well for these characters.

You can see the police pull up some point later and grab two of the bigger guys, one of whom was at one point blocking the street.

The BLM people ask the cops why are the guys being arrested and why are the cops armed. Um, maybe because you are?

Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley detailed that three people were ultimately arrested.

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