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Multiple UFOs Spotted Hovering In The Sky Above Malaysia | GIANT UFO FOOTAGE FROM MALAYSIA

Malaysia seems to be a hotbed for this kind of activity. Actually, the whole planet has been lately. These sightings have been so commonplace that I just write them off and don’t pay them the attention I should. The Fallen Angels are getting fiesty and it has me nervous.

This gave me an excuse to post about the footage of this GIANT UFO that was also spotted in Malaysia. Not sure if it’s real or not, but tending to lean more towards the “authentic” designation just based on all the rest of the activity.

ThirdPhaseoftheMoon and Mavi777 are the two best UFO channels. Even if they do erroneously still believe these things are actually alien space craft. I prefer Mavi 777, but Third Phase is very diligent and has a large network of fans that send them footage constantly.

mavi777 UFO ALARM | mavi 777 | Third Phase of the Moon

There are new sightings almost hourly it seems like.

Multiple UFOs Spotted Hovering In The Sky Above Malaysia

By Admin On Mar 9, 2021

Interesting footage of multiple unknown orbs hovering above Malaysia.

Another Cubed Shaped UFO?!!



Last November, I wrote a post about a dream I had about an alien invasion which was proceeded by a real invasion that occurred in Montreal one afternoon. The UFO that had entered our skies was described as rectangular or cubed. I found that odd and unique, seeing how I hadn’t heard any UFO described as anything with right angles.

When this video emerged last week on YouTube, for the first time, a crippling fear came over me. Something in the back of my mind prays that this is nothing more than a hoax…but my gut is telling me otherwise and unfortunately…I tend to go with my gut a lot.

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