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What “Mandates” and Signs Could Not Do . . . Diaper Report 3/9/21

The powers at be are counting on bossy and pretentious will-imposing family members to accomplish what mandates and other various forms of public pressure had failed to up until that point. And that’s exactly what happened in this very sad instance. Granny had been widely non-compliant with the assinine Covid rules and regulations that had been thrown her way by the brainwashed members of society that she was surrounded by.

That was all until a certain bossy-bitch know-it-all came storming into the equation like the Kool-aid man smashing through the wall. But instead of offering up Kool-aid, it was her Karen’esque daughter offering up DEATH by forcing a vaccine on her mother and essentially euthanizing her.

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What “Mandates” and Signs Could Not Do . . .

By eric -March 7, 20211992860

My nice older neighbor lady – the one I wrote about a few weeks ago, who finally had enough of being pressured to wear a Facial Burqa by stores and by her friends and stopped doing it and damn the consequences – has given in to the pressure to get jabbed.

As applied by her family.

One of her daughters may end up being responsible for actually killing granny – the exhortation usually directed at the Unburqa’d, who did nothing of the kind – in order to shame them into wearing one.

She exhorted my neighbor, who is also a grandmother, to get the Jab for her sake. Because otherwise she – the daughter – might get the ‘Rona and die, from exposure to her Unburqa’d (and presumably plague-suppurating) mother when she comes to visit her granddaughter  . . .or via the granddaughter, who is attending college and stops in to visit her grandma and might bring home the ‘Rona.

My friend had the resilience to say No to stores and friends when it came to the wearing of the Burqa but the family guilt-tripping wasn’t something she could withstand and so she got the Holy Jab.

Even though it might end up killing her, as it already has more than 1,000 people so far – not counting the people who have suffered other “adverse events,” as they are styled.

This is a woman – in her 70s – who does not fear “the virus.” She has told me that even if it were as dangerous and deadly as advertised – which she knows it isn’t, not being as susceptible to fear as her daughter obviously is – she would never allow it to make her live in cringing fear of it because in that case there’s no longer much point to clinging to life, which becomes a mere fact of biology – like a living corpse hooked up to a machine with a flat brain wave – rather than something worth preserving.

Also, she told me that if she did believe the hype, she’d never believe a “mask” – piece of cloth over her face – could protect her, this being as absurd – almost – as believing that a washed car runs better than one that needs a wash.

She’s no fool – and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

But family pressure did the job. Her own grown children applied the pressure of guilt – and the implied threat of not being allowed to see her grandchildren – to do what “mandates” and signs and friends gone crazy as a result of fear-based trauma conditioning could not.
It brings up the opening scene – brilliantly written and acted – in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Inglorious Basterds.

A French farmer in occupied France – this is during the war – is paid a visit by a certain Colonel Hans Landa, who is looking for that era’s targets. The farmer has them hidden in the basement of his farmhouse. Landa engages in pulling-the-wings-off-flies banter before presenting the choice to the farmer:

He can either give up the targets – or he can give up his family.

One feels for the farmer, who in the film gave up the targets for the sake of his family. What choice did he have? But what does one feel for family that uses the fact of family to get family to give in to something similarly loathsome and possibly – in due course – just as deadly? And not just to themselves or their families – as this business will scale.

When they didn’t have to choose to do that?

There is no Colonel Landa with a pistol on his hip – and several heavily armed thugs – at the door.

Not yet.

These families are choosing to do it to themselves.

That’s the power of fear-based trauma conditioning; the thing I style weaponized hypochondria and it is powerful stuff. Powerful enough to turn wife against husband, children against parents. Because of what my friend’s daughter has heard on TeeVee and read in the printed versions of the same thing – these things both being owned and so controlled by the same things – she has come to regard her own mother as a plague carrier.

But what’s even worse than that is the thing which predated the weaponization of hypochondria and laid the groundwork for the Hans Landa’ing of families without the need for Hans.

It is the incredible selfishness of many people, who believe – virulently, in some cases – that other people are responsible for them rather than they for themselves. This is the underlying etiology of sickness psychosis, which manifests not so much in the wearing of  the disgusting (and depressing to see) Facial Burqa but in the insistence that others wear them, too. In the militant enjoining of others to lock themselves up at home rather than to stay home themselves, if they believe their lives are at risk.

Und so weiter – as SS Standartenfuhrer Landa  might say.

My friend’s daughter could have received the Holy Needling herself and – presumably – once Needled, her putatively plague-carrying mother could no longer get her sick.

Put more finely, the daughter could have taken the risk of the Holy Needling upon herself. Instead she used guilt to pressure her mother into getting Needled.

Such Americans will not need the help of Herr Standartenfuhrer Landa, when the time comes to point the authorities in the right direction. They’re already doing it – to their own flesh-and blood.

What do you suppose they’ll do to the rest of us?

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Source: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2021/03/09/diaper-report-3-9-21/#comments

Diaper Report 3/9/21

By eric -March 9, 2021: 1431967

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Seeing a face is great – but there’s something even better.


Offered by someone you just met – and who just met you. This used to be the way people exchanged civilities when they met. I’m Eric – it’s good to meet you! Hand extended – and (in the past) usually accepted.

The along came the ‘Rona – the weaponization of hypochondria – and the handshake went the way of practically every other civility, replaced by the preposterous – and pathetic – elbow bump. If you got that far. Many people – addled by sickness psychosis – won’t risk even that deformed civility as they “maintain social distancing” – i.e., engage in the very definition of incivility by treating others as well as themselves as diseased things to be avoided.https://rumble.com/embed/vbusfn/?pub=ef2yp

This is no accident.

One of the reasons for this learned incivility is to separate us. Literally (physically) and (more importantly) psychologically. To undermine and destroy the normal human bonds that form and grow in strength from being in society together.

Which develop from engaging in social behavior with others.

That could lead – does lead – to people forming acquaintances, then friendships and possibly more. To people getting to know one another, as opposed to fearing one another and seeking to avoid one another. To people liking other people rather than viewing other people as a physical threat to themselves, divided among themselves – a societal sickness which only benefits those responsible for creating it.

Calling “Dr.” Fauci.

How does one – literally – confirm they are not alone in opposing the various disgusting “practices” being imposed on all, much less organize (and act) to oppose them when they are alone, separated from everyone else and denied the ability to socialize? When it becomes almost impossible even to engage in casual get-to-know-you conversation with new people, as was usual before the weaponization of hypochondria – which has also  succeeded in turning most people into faceless Things whose state of mind is very hard to divine behind that face-effacing “mask.”

The effect of this on very young children is likely catastrophic as they are non-verbal and rely almost entirely on being able to read the faces of the adults around them, which they cannot do when all they see is a “mask.”

It is not improbable that a generation of emotionally stunted people is being cultivated who may never develop the instinctive ability to read emotions in people’s faces, having been denied the opportunity to develop this skill we take for granted because of the sick, evil bastards who have fear-conditioned the parents of these children to “mask” themselves  – an evil compounded by the “masking” of the children themselves.

This would have been actionable child abuse only a year ago – sufficient to remove the children from the clutches of such evil – or disturbed – parents.

Now it is the New Abnormal.

So I was feeling pretty down as I walked the aisles of my local supermarket – where All Out Diapering isn’t enforced but has also become the New Abnormal. Before a about a month ago, it was common to see at least a few other faces among the sea of Faceless, the fear-addled “compliant” who actually believe that “mask” wearing (which means wearing any old thing, including things like bandanas, neck scarves pulled over their faces and “masks” that may serve to keep out wood dust but serve no purpose keeping viruses out or in  . . . especially if the wearer hasn’t got a virus) “works,” which in a sick way they do.

And – less pitiably – the poltroonish enablers of this disease who go along with it even though they don’t believe the “masks” serve any legitimate purpose.

The latter people are the same kinds of people who wore a Partei pin – or armband – once upon a time, when it was considered convenient or expedient. And then took them off – fast – when it was no longer considered so. These are the people who form the mass of totalitarian tsunamis in every place and time where such tsunamis overwhelm what had been civil societies.

And then I saw his face – a fellow unbeliever!

But it turned out to be much more than just that.

I walked up and said to this man: It’s good to see your face!

It took him a moment to understand – as we’d never met before and in normal times, this would be an odd thing for a stranger to say. But in odd times, the meaning is as normal as it gets. As was his reply. which was to extend his hand as he said:

Fuck these sheep.

And then he baaaaa’d. Made the sound that goes with being a sheep.
I shook his hand and made the same sound. We both laughed heartily at the sheep in our vicinity, who regarded us with the dull stares of sheep, who also have the attribute of all looking the same.

Which is just what they – the would-be shepherds  of these sheep – want because of what it creates. A society of scared herd animals, afraid to show their faces – that is to say, their individuality – and absolutely terrified of showing what had heretofore been the usual civilities.

Such sheep are easy to shear.

But not everyone is a sheep – and the fact is the sheep never mattered, even before it became obvious who they are. They have always existed and always will exist. They do what sheep do – because what else does a sheep do? To expect a sheep to be a sheepdog is as pointless as expecting – as the writer Robert Heinlein once explained – a pig to sing, if you work hard enough to teach it to.

It wastes your time – and annoys the pig.

But not everyone is a sheep. I was lucky enough to meet one. They exist. They are out there.

And it is these people who will determine the way this all plays out. Look for them. It’s easy to see who they are. And when you see one, extend your hand. He – or she – is bound to accept it.

And it’ll make you both feel good, being in the society of men – and women – rather than sheep.

. . .

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