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Karen Almost Passes Out in School Board Meeting While Defending Mask Mandates

Started uploading short clips to YT out of mere convenience.

It’s the same story again and again. A moral superiority complexion with a side of will-imposition. It’s the raging leftist way. This had absolutely nothing to do with a school board member wanting to implement a sensible approach to safeguard children against a potential health threat. It never has. Kids dont even get Novid, nevermind die from it. This all revolves around a psychotic hypochondriacal women imposing her will and her way upon all those around her at all costs. Anyone who may disagree is immediately snapped back at and considered an enemy dissident in her mind from that point on in perpetuity.

Karen’s like her just screech until their demands are met. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not her position on the matter at hand makes any damn sense. It all has to do with her getting her way and proving to everyone that she will do whatever it takes and stop at nothing to get that way. To admit that you may have been wrong and perhaps overreacted with your response to the Covid situation is NOT an option for a Karen. If anything, they double down and make things that much worse and uncomfortable for anyone who happens to continue to dare to stand in the way of their crusade and any ideology that comes along with it by openly daring to disagree. In this case that discomfort turned out to be physical and actually her own. Rarely does the situation provide for a Karmic kick back like this one did. She is willing to suffocate before admitting she may be wrong and conceding that masks are not only useless but a danger to one’s health.

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