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Kobe Bryant Ritual Sacrifice By the Numbers | Helicopter Crash Footage

Look no further than his recent hedge fund partner, who looked like a total asshole with the homeless look. Some bitch ass Zionist Jeff something. He’ll get his

Is this the legit crash footage? Seems kinda authentic with the crying kid in the background, but this is actually footage from a real crash in the middle east. Kobes crash was fake.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are the most naive human being on earth, you should know by now that the details surrounding Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash that supposedly killed him and his 13 year old daughter are about as sketchy as it gets. Everything about this case from top to bottom SCREAM Occult ritual. The incident is saturated with numerological markers and it doesn’t take too much digging to see the connections. They really wanted to make it clear to fellow Occultists that this was a ritualistic act and the signal of the start of something very important. A harbinger of doom of sorts and a part of their dark esoteric agenda that the public is not privy to.

This was a really good breakdown of the evidence, so I had to revisit this.


Sacrifice = 73 / 206 *Bryant = 26 *NTSB = 26
89, 24th prime *Kobe Bryant, #24
73, 21st prime *Lakers = 21 (’21)

And for the record, today is 54 days after Pope Francis’ birthday, in light of the fact that Kobe was traveling from Catholic Mass. And let us not forget he died one week before Super Bowl 54.

Gematriaeffect.news has a ton more decodes on the Kobe helicopter crash.

Source: https://gematriaeffect.news/lebron-james-passed-kobe-bryant-in-points-scored-january-25-2020-the-46th-game-of-the-season-the-day-before-kobes-crash/

LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant in points scored January 25, 2020, the 46th game of the season, the day before Kobe’s crash

LeBron James became 4-6 in the NBA Finals this year by winning over the Miami Heat. That’s a lot like 46. And don’t forget Kobe was traveling from ‘Catholic’ Mass. *Catholic = 46 *Sacrifice = 46

1+2+3+4 = 10 (It was LeBron’s 10th NBA Finals, and he got his 4th ring)

…11 is the 5th prime

…when LeBron is 37, he can go to his 12th NBA Finals.

*37, 12th prime *Los Angeles = 37 *Lakers = 66 (6-6?)

Did Illuminati Predictive Programming Show The Helicopter Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant Yesterday In Chamberlain Heights Cartoon From 2017? • Now The End Begins

by Geoffrey Grider 6-7 minutes

I understand that emotions around the nation are raw right now with the stunning and tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter GiGi, and the others people on-board the helicopter that crashed in Calabasas yesterday morning. We are praying for the loved ones of those left behind, and are asking God to send them comfort and healing.

“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” Mark 4:22 (KJB)

But the news goes on, and today we bring you a stunning video clip from a Chamberlain Heights cartoon from 2017 that showed Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash that takes his life. This is called predictive programming, and it is a favorite tool of the Illuminati and global elites.

For those of you who do not know what predictive programming is, here are a few examples:

Get the picture? And there are dozens more examples of predictive programming than the few I just gave you. One of the most stunning of all is President George H.W. Bush calling for the establishment of the New World Order tens years to the day before the Twin Towers were brought down in New York City. The Illuminati and global elites make their plans years in advance and they love to leave clues behind for people to connect the dots.

This video we are about to show you is quite chilling for two reasons. One, it accurately depicts how Kobe Bryant would die two full years before the event took place. Two, when you watch the cartoon, they seem to be implying that Kobe’s death was the price he had to pay for becoming immensely wealthy and powerful. There are those who say that you can only reach that level by making a deal with the Illuminati, and when you do, eventually a price must be made in the form of a human sacrifice. In this case, it was Kobe and his daughter who were “sacrificed”.

I was an actor in Hollywood for 6 years, and I absolutely agree with the idea that it is the Devil and the forces of darkness who promise people wealth and fame in exchange for their souls. There is so much happening there with child sex rings, sex slaves, witchcraft, demonology, the Illuminati, things you wouldn’t believe actually, but they are true. If you would like proof of that, visit our GODLESS HOLLYWOOD section to have you illusions shattered and your eyes opened to the truth. I was skeptical of the idea of predictive programming when I first heard about it years ago, but since then, I think predictive programming is very real indeed.

What happened yesterday in the helicopter crash could have just been a tragic accident, or it could have been a targeted hit by the Illuminati demanding a sacrifice. At this point, I could make and equally compelling case for either side. You watch the video and decide for yourself.

Predictive Programming Cartoon Chamberlain Heights In 2017 Showed Kobe Bryant’s Death by Helicopter

In another stunning example of predictive programming, cartoon Chamberlain Heights showed Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash and explosion back in 2017. As did the cryptic tweet from .Noso (@dotNoso) from 2012.

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Predictive Programming On The Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest-running cartoon in history and crazy popular to boot. What better place to use predictive programming?

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