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We’ve Got Something Seriously Wrong w/ Our Fellow Americans, Can’t See Evil, Call It For What It Is | Our Leaders Are Bona-fide Crazy! | Maddness. Utter Madness

A society of sociopaths who are well adjusted yes, adjusted to the disturbing reality of our societies current “norm”. This is mass social psychosis. The suicide rate for teens is higher than the death rate for Covid. The suicide rate for teens is higher than the death rate for Covid!!! GO GET YOUR VAX AND DIE ALREADY KAREN. HURRY THE FUCK UP.

Everything she said. She nailed it. The evil is spreading. The infection is Covidiocy. Covidiocy = evil.

  • We have hospital staff putting face guards on newborns and then going to film more cringy choreographed dance routines.
  • Karen’s covering the faces of their infants for Instagram photo-ops.
  • Middle school teachers forcing white kids to kneel for hours as part of an “emotional exercise”.
  • Teachers Unions advising their members to stay off social media when they go on spring break so they don’t look hypocritical when they posture about having to keep in person schooling canceled.

It’s enough to make anyone red faced with fury. But most will just keep chugging right along. If you’re one of those and disagree with this, then I beg you to get your vaccine already and get the fuck out of this world. Please. I can’t kill you, but you can kill yourself.

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