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How Covid Lockdowns and the Coming Climate Change Policies Are Married

Total control is the ends. False Flags and hoaxes are the means. You are irrelevant and simply in the way. The ends always justify the means to an Occultist.

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How Covid Lockdowns and the Coming Climate Change Policies Are Married

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, March 13, 2021 – 15:59.


One of the true joys in my academic life was the teaching of a course commonly referred to as Social Psychology. If I had my way, I would have taught this course every semester as it was fascinating. The course dealt with how people, both in groups and individually, deal with challenges. The course teaches how change, in a society, happens. In fact, I did my dissertation on resilience (ie how people overcome adversity and excel). It is clear that the aggregate evidence of resilience in America, today, is very low. In fact, our collective resilience levels are so low, that I believe that most Americans require supernatural intervention to even demonstrate the appearance of any sense of resilience.

As fate would have it, I spent a lot of my time being assigned research and statistic courses, because the demand was greater and I had bills to pay. However,  I am grateful for the research and statistical skills and knowledge I possess, because I know how much the public is being lied to by Fauci and friends.

Fauci and Friends could be the name of a comedy show in which the theme consists of demonstrating the answer to the question “How much can we lie to you and get away with it and how much unscientific nonsense can we squeeze into your daily dose of propaganda? ” Before returning to the social psychology principles which explains America is in such a state of profound helplessness, today, please allow to apply my knowledge of the research protocols that Fauci and Friends have made a mockery of.

Science Proves Nothing, It Only Establishes the Probabilities That Something Is True

When I first began to teach research skills to those preparing to begin their dissertation process, our curriculum frequently made use of traditional medical protocols and the former adherence to medical protocols were in abundant evidence and the topic was a great vehicle to teach the underlying concepts that would be needed in a dissertation (eg randomizing control and experimental groups, testing for levels of significance, assessing the effects of intervening variables, etc.).

For one year, America has been the victim of fraud which has poorly masqueraded as science. Since the average person, including legislators, knows almost nothing about proper research protocols, Fauci and Friends only had to refer to themselves as “Doctor” Fauci (ie Dr. Fraud) and the mainstream media would gush over their every proclamation. With the nonsense spewed by Fauci, from a scientific standpoint, I really do feel like I am watching a poor man’s version of Saturday Night Live for researchers. I think it is important that I make a couple of the egregious violations of scientific protocols available for the layman (I promise this is not an insult, it’s just that this not like doing long division, the skills are unique and are not widely held which is why an entire planet has been fooled for the past 12 months. And before I provide a few illustrations, please allow me to say that many of my colleagues, and concurrent members of the medical establishment, have tried to warn us. Who will forget the members of the so-called Frontline Doctors. For daring to expose the fraud of Fauci and Friends, they lost their social media platforms, they lost their research grants, they lost their tenured  academic positions and they lost their websites. These brave doctors were, in short, disappeared from academia by an unscrupulous Big Tech for daring to interject legitimate science into a politically motivated movement designed to bring down America.

The subjugation of America happened in two parts. First, unqualified bad medical science became the basis for unconstitutional and nonessential lockdowns. Leftist politicians (eg Newsom, Whitmer, Cuomo), some exhibiting strong and grandiose narcissistic personal characteristics, began to make unqualified medical decisions for their political entities. This is why the lockdowns are not based on science. For example, church services in California could only take place over a 60 minute period. Does Covid only show up on the 61st minute. This kind of witchcraft science drove me up the wall. My favorite was the fact that casinos and sex clubs could be open, Antifa could be rioting, however, these were not considered “spread factors” and going to church or your health club was. Fauci and Friends, carrying our their Bill Gates mandates just stood back and never question to voodoo practices of Democratic political leaders. Scientific leadership, characterized, by omission, is just as fraudulent, as fake the presentation of fake or fabricated data which has happened on Fauci’s watch.

There Is No Valid Covid Test

On the CSS, on April 18, 2020, I covered the fact that acting Commissioner Hahn stated because of the “emergency nature of the pandemic, Covid test developers will not be required to obtain third party validation for accuracy of their so-called tests.”  If a hypothetical graduate student of mine was attempting to set up a mock research study and made such a proclamation, they would fail my course. In fact, they would not even get to the midterm. Hahn said we can trust the test manufacturers to produce accurate tests. This is like the fox watching the henhouse. What test-producing corporation is going to submit their results for voluntary third-party validation if their stockholders and Board of Directors could lose millions. No expensive revisions needed, simply masquerade the untested as fact.

The FDA Commissioner doubled down on this unscientific process in May of 2020.

Fraud Was Incentivized and Tolerated by the Medical Establishment

 I knew America was in trouble when I learned about federal payments to local entities for EACH Covid diagnosis and EACH Covid cause of death. Let’s take the second element first.

Even the CDC has established the fact that the overwhelming majority of deaths associated with Covid are part of a comorbidity process. This makes it easier to cover the fraud and call a death whatever you want. And certainly the promises of tens of thousands of dollars for each positive Covid cause of death was incentivized to the point of fraudulent behavior which would be easy to accomplish and pull the wool over unsuspecting and ignorant legislators and members of the public. Oh, there were ways to establish a primary cause of death that was not Covid -related. However, one would have to have employed such research statistical processes as multiple regression analysis in which each potential cause of death could be weighted in terms of the relational strength to death. I have asked several professionals and I cannot any examples of assigning the cause of death being related to any such research or related research strategies. A chief medical officer would know what his supervisors wanted and would call gun shot victims a Covid death if they tested positive on the tests which were unvalidated. This is fraud piled upon fraud.

The Conduct of Fauci and Friends

When conducting research in progress, it is customary and considered necessary ethics to follow certain rules when releasing information to the public. Fauci’s conduct, as a representative of a fraudulent medical system, has proven to be the poster child for unscientific and fraudulent research processes.

Some have traced the lineage of Fauci’s position on the facemask issue.

  1. In March of 2020, Fauci, in a network interview, said the wearing of facemasks was unnecessary  and should be reserved by for first responders.
  2. A month later, Fauci reversed himself and said facemasks were necessary. And this proclamation without the presentation of any accompanying scientific data to back up his statement. This research by decree, not by the discovery of replicable data sets from a level of significance can be established to less than a 5% percentage of error of randomness. Fauci’s word was his data. We see a lot of these politics masquerading as science. Do you remember when scientists from around the world met in Kyoto in 1997 to determine whether man was the cause of CO2? They partied for 6 days and then realized that they had to have something to show for their time so they voted on the notion on the 7th and final day. Climate change caused by man and the wearing of a face mask to prevent the spread of Covid comes from the same fraudulent practices motivated and driven by politics. In fact, Fauci has been disproven on this point. Many facemask boxes print a warning stating that the wearing of a facemask does not necessarily prevent the spread of a virus. The same kind of  fraud was exposed in the climate change arena. Do you remember 2009 so-called Climategate in which Penn State University and East Anglia University got caught making up their data? But just like Covid, with no legitimate testing, the MSM carries the water for the fraud an ignores the facts because it fits a higher political agenda. Stay tuned, I will cover this at the end of this article.
  3. Fauci is now dissatisfied with the wearing of only one mask is attempting to get as many as possible to wear 2 or more facemasks. Again, there is no supporting data that is being offered for this mockery of the scientific process. Meanwhile, the MSM uses Fauci to put down any idea that we can return to normal. Do you remember when this Covid fraud started? “We only need 15 days to flatten the curve.” Well, they have had 12 months and they managed to flatten the economy, constitutional liberties, contribute to the theft of an election with their false covid claims which led to the so-called mail-in ballots.
  4. Fauci has previously proclaimed, “take the vaccine and get life back to as normal as it can be.”  However, he has now said the vaccine will not remove the need to wear a mask. It was first 2021, now 2022, and now even 2023. We are not going back to normal as we keep aiming at an ever-evolving made up date based on Fauci’s imaginative statements which can best be described as impromptu.
  5. By his silence, Fauci is complicit in the coverup up the biggest act of second degree murder in American history which was the introduction of Covid positive people into nursing homes where the population would be vulnerable to death. This is murder and Fauci knows what happened here but he is complicit with his silence. The sexual harassment allegations of Cuomo are providing a successful smokescreen to hide this Democratic plot to kill as many as possible in order to be able to escalate the Covid numbers to justify the shutting down of America. Fauci knows, and I know that because I know. Murder by omission.


The only thing that Fauci and Friends have advocated for yet, it the forsaking of meat in favor eating bugs for your daily protein requirement. It’s coming. Covid and climate change are on parallel paths. The parallel paths started with Birx and Fauci’s servitude to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the self-appointed champion of the vaccine movement as well as the now recommended dietary policies of climate change proponents. Fauci is and has been paid by Gates. This obvious conflict of interest is ignored by the MSM. However, it has influenced Fauci every step of the way.

The ultimate goal of climate change is deindustrialization and the control of all energy, which means the control of all commerce and finance even up to the level of the individual citizen. America’s resistance to climate change because we would lose too much, has been compromised by the Covid lockdowns. America is economically on the edge of collapse. The social-political conditions in the control are ripe for civil war. We are in the process of being disarmed and cannot defend ourselves. Our free speech has been destroyed so we cannot organize. It is, however, ok for Antifa to riot, but not for Americans to gather for when we do, we are domestic terrorists. The failure to get vaccinated will soon be couched in the same language. Only domestic terrorists would refuse debilitating vaccines. And at the center of the medical fraud that has been and will be, we find Fauci and Friends. Covid lockdowns have set the stage for the second part of the subjugation of our country. The control of all energy. The two concepts combined, Covid vaccinations and lower lifestyle caused by climate change policy implementation, will no doubt begin producing serious depopulation numbers. By the way, did not know that our life expectancy is reverting to WW II levels?  This is no accident. It is also no accident that Covid is the precursor to the ultimate climate change policy world we are entering into. At the center of this fraud is a little man, with a Napoleonic complex, named Anthony Fauci. And congratulations should be offered as America re-enters the Dark Ages of science.

Part 2 will deal with more psychological issues that are contributing to our enslavement as a nation.

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