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How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events

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How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events 

by Ed Chiarini WellAware1.com   Ed Chianrini, Jr. aka DallasGoldBug

LINKS: https://www.whale.to/c/how_actors.html | Fake or Distorted News

Agents provocateurs
Green screen
Simon Shack (fake 911 plane and building collapse video/film)

Crisis actors
Tony & Anne Greenberg
Mark Humphrey
Michael Greenberg
Jennifer Greenberg Sexton

Staged events
Boston Marathon (2013 April)
The Kuwait incubator babies
Giffords’ event
Sandy Hook

Is Maurice Strong a real person or just another character?


From www.WellAware1.com

He identifies people by their unique right ear.

BioMetrics – the measurement of the human body

Research has shown that the shape and appearance of the human ear
is unique to each individual and
relatively unchanging during the lifetime of an adult.
Therefore, the ear has been proposed for use in
biometrics. In fact, the United States Immigration
and Naturalization Services (INS) had a form giving
specifications for the photograph that indicates that
the right ear should be visible {INS Form M-378 (6-92)].

He shows us that many events we see in national news, supposedly of local people protesting, at shootings, etc.
They are just paid actors that we can see and identify from their soaps on TV, or movie roles.
or at family gatherings at the super wealthy

Like any of this you really have to study, listen to his videos

You have to invest time to see that he is on to something.
He has talked about Occupy Wall Street
Ales Jones, David Icke (all set up) (he is Royalty, supporting the Quesen)
Various shootings (Gilford in Ariz.) and many other fake news.

Edward l Chiarini Jr. was raised just south of Philadelphia.

At 15 he was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason.

Here are some links to his site.  I don’t kwon if they are all true,

but his research is a fascinating study to consider.

Kennedy Assassination Video

Space Shuttle Challenger Crash 1986

Sallie Ride – faked death, she reappears, years later on other missions

Kent State Shootings – make up and staged event

Rockefeller posing as George Soros

Bill (William) Cooper is David Rockefeller Jr.

Jordan Maxwell is David Rockefeller Sr.

Roosevelt/ Hitler/ Disney EXPOSED

JFK Assassination – he was not killed but emerged later posing as President Carter,

Roosevelt History – Name changes


Beau Bridges – Movie actor – posing as Alex Jones

The lie known as Winston Churchill

Here is a page of Noam Chomsky playing CA Gov. Jerry Brown (change of make-up)

You have to study this to understand

Your initial reaction (of course) may be to reject it.

The super élites have been playing with us for decades.

New events on TV, and shootings – they are faked with soap opera old TV actors

No mind control, they do it for the money

If you study his many pages or watch his You Tube videos, you can see he can positively identify people from their old face to their new role by the measurements of their ear

Again you have to study, but you an know.

I am not trying to offend anyone

If you study this for hours you will see countless people who may be playing a role for news & politics.

Let’s get back to truth !

The Bush family was invented to diversify the names of members of the Roosevelt family.

Now that you see the scam, you can understand the Bush family was created to accommodate the need diversify the name not the family. You now see why Prescott Bush who
was Quentin Roosevelt – his death was faked in a plane crash so he could come back as Joseph Kennedy

Actor Jerry Stiller played Larry Silverstein in discussion of getting lease on the World Trade Towers before 9-11

George Soros is David Rockefeller Sr.

Ross Perot is Gen. Ramsey Clark

Kermit Roosevelt is the actor that plays Walt Disney and Hitler.  His family played this game as well since his brother Quentin Roosevelt faked his death and became Joseph Kennedy. Their uncle Elliot Roosevelt (Teddy’s Brother) faked his death as well and changed his identity to William Taft and as well as JP Morgan.  (view the handwriting and ear analysis on their pages)

Maurice Greeberg is Joseph Mengele

Bing Crosby is Eichmann

Susan Sarrandon is now playing the President of Switzerland

Mel Brooks is Henry Hill

Alen Greenspan is brother to Larry King

Martin Scorses’s father played the Shaw of Iran

Ross Perot is Nathan Bush brother of HW Bush (1st Bush President)

I may have made an error here, check the sources at WellAware1.com

– – – –

How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events 

by Ed Chiarini WellAware1.com


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DENVER, CO, October 31, 2012 — A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.

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