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I GIVE UP.😔IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE, WHY SHOULD I? I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY BILL GATES FEELS HE NEEDS TO GENOCIDE THE SHEEPLE☠ 🐑😷💀| Netherlands🇳🇱 becomes latest country to suspend use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine over concerns of possibly serious side effects💉

They are just “pausing for a moment“, as they don’t want people “[sic]to lose trust in these vaccines“. A bit late for that, don’t ya think? (FULL ARTICLE BELOW)


I was just behind some waddling Karen at the store just now who was “so excited“, she exclaimed, to have gotten her first of two jabs yesterday. So much so that she was frantically telling all the cashiers and other customers in her vicinity all about it. She was GUSHING. She was “[sic]so excited to have gotten the first jab” and “can’t wait” for the pending follow-up jab. I stood there flabbergasted. The powers-at-be haven’t just merely begrudgingly convinced these idiots to get this vaccine. Oh no. They got these mindless simpletons thinking these vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread. They have these dumbasses pumped up and excited to the point of elation and are having trouble containing themselves in a public setting from all their excitement! All this over the prospect of having an experimental, unapproved, mutagenic gene therapy pumped into their bloodstream, all so they can NOT EVEN protect themselves from the threat of a virus that has a statistically microscopic fatality rate to begin with.

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Then I thought to myself, if this is the kind of person that’s prone to seeking out and eagerly accepting this population-culling instrument, is that such a bad thing in the end? Shouldn’t we just let them have at it? It’s Natural Selection at work. Nature weeding out the useless deadweight. Cleansing the gene pool. They are getting what they deserve, as cruel as that may sound. It’s not as if they’ve been deprived of pertinent, life-saving information. They all had the same opportunity to take advantage of the same informational resources available to anyone. The density of these resources is a great as its ever been and no one can dare claim they were somehow deprived of access. These people have actively chosen to flick aside any information that they found to be inconveniently contradictory to what they had been told by their mainstream source. That’s not my fault. Their moral superiority complexes and overall pretentious nature afforded them the luxury of hastily & automatically dismissing any inconvenient dissenting opinions. Dismissals that occurred early-on in the Scamdemic and were carried out almost instantaneously. Second and third opinions that may have suggested that getting one of these vaccines might not be the best idea after all. So I feel no pity. They have no excuse. They were warned like crazy by people like me. They’ve had a whole year to look into this. I feel like I’m in “The Sixth Sense” and people are simply seeing the reality they want to see.

This hoaxed public health crisis has done one good thing in that it has exposed the true magnitude of the seething ignorance and cringiness of our nearly completely brain dead populace. I had no idea it was this bad. Their willingness to adjust to such an Orwellian and nonsensical “new abnormal” is an astonishing social phenomenon in itself. I’m still convinced there is something in the air that’s contributing to this mass psychosis. But that’s another story. But now that I can see what we are dealing with here, is it such a bad thing to just sit back and allow Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab to quietly extinguish this useless livestock from the population?

Behavior like what we see in the below video is why my sympathy levels are at an all-time-low.

“Look at Your Boyfriend’s Face!” -Unhinged Woman Throws Coffee on Two Men for Not Wearing Masks – Boyfriend Gets His Ass Beat Bloody (VIDEO)

Just look at all the posts I’ve made about this demographic. Who’s going to miss these people? CATEGORY: Mask Nazis & Covidiots

Zack Hubbard characterized it as “getting rid of the dead weight” when he was going off the other day during one of his Livestreams in regards to how little the public cares about some of the mind blowing revelations about our reality that his Gematria decodes have exposed. While I don’t expect everyone to follow Gematria decodes, there is plenty of other generic and easily accessible information out there that has been irresponsibly ignored by the pretentious post-modern indoctrinated citizen, to an inexcusable extent. So if most people don’t care enough about anything to the point they refuse to even pay attention to their surroundings and only seek out the opinions of a single and wildly biased mainstream media apparatus, why should any of us spend so much time trying to peel back their eyelids to get them to see the genocide and subjugation that’s clearly going on around them that we’ve been trying to save them from?

NO ONE should be giddy and excited over having just been administered one of these jabs. They should at the very least be solemnly concerned and stoic about having been relegated to the point of even having to make that choice about whether or not it’s neccessary to inject such an obtuse & foreign element into their body. They certainly shouldn’t be EAGER to pump this cocktail of synthetic mutagenic pathogens that the FDA refused to officially approve into their bodies. But yet they can’t wait! 😔 If that’s the headspace so many of the sheeple are in, then I say “HAVE AT IT WILLIAM G.”.

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I think Billy G. and company were counting on many of us finally coming to this same realization that myself and many others have. I almost want to apologize to him having spent so much time disparaging him (not really). Now, of course I don’t approve of genocide for any reason whatsoever and still think these diabolical overlords need to be stopped when it’s all said and done. But I can at least see where they are coming from now and maybe won’t expend SO MUCH of my energy on trying to dissuade everyone from falling into their trap. I gave it a good go. I had my run. You can’t say I didn’t try. I mean, look at all the posts I’ve made under “Scamdemic” since December 2019.

Alas, they are still Occultists and also need to be extinguished from this earth. But one useless demographic at a time I guess. I can’t have all my cake at once.

Source: NWO Report | March 15, 2021

Netherlands becomes latest country to suspend use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine over concerns of possibly serious side effects

Date: March 15, 2021 Author: Nwo Report0

Source: RT

The Netherlands has halted use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine for at least two weeks while an investigation into possibly serious side effects from the jab is undertaken by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The precautionary decision to suspend use of the vaccine until at least March 28 was based on new information from Norway and Denmark regarding potentially serious side effects in people who received the inoculation, Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said on Sunday.

“We can’t allow any doubts about the vaccine,” de Jonge said. “We have to make sure everything is right, so it is wise to pause for now.” Dutch health authorities reportedly had to cancel 43,000 vaccination appointments because of the suspension.

Ireland made the same decision earlier on Sunday, suspending use of the AstraZeneca vaccine after four new cases of people suffering serious blood clotting after receiving the shot were reported in Norway. Denmark stopped offering AstraZeneca vaccine jabs on Thursday after some recipients developed blood clots, and Norway followed suit.

Austria, Iceland and Italy also have postponed or restricted their rollouts of the vaccine based on the same concerns. Health authorities have pointed out that they haven’t yet established a clear link between the AstraZeneca jab and the reported medical issues that patients suffered.

The World Health Organization has said the vaccine is still considered safe to use and hasn’t been proven to cause blood clotting.

Seven people died shortly after receiving their Covid-19 shots in the first week of South Korea’s vaccine rollout, which began on February 26. All seven cases involved the AstraZeneca vaccine, and 17 others who received the jab had severe, non-fatal reactions. Since then, there have been 46 more severe reactions, but no additional deaths, and nearly 562,000 people have received the shot, according to government data. South Korean health authorities have reportedly found no evidence that the deaths were caused by the vaccine.

The Dutch vaccine setback comes amid growing unrest over Covid-19 restrictions. Anti-lockdown protests continued on Sunday, and saw clashes between police and demonstrators gathering in The Hague.Advertisements

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