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PROOF BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS FAKE! Rose Garden EMPTY as They Claim LIVE Ceremony Taking Place! 💥💥💥🚨🚨🚨💥💥💥 White House live video feed is not coming from the White House

I’m not a fan of this shitty movie. Sorry Q.

We saw them do the exact same thing with the inauguration footage. That farce of an event was filled with anomalies. While they were claiming one thing was taking place on television, boots on the ground in the vicinity were clearly showing us that what we were being fed as a “live feed” was FAR from what was actually taking place in the area at the time. We’ve also seen countless anomalies in the footage of Biden at the White House supposedly signing Executive Orders that clearly demonstrate that they are filming inside a film studio and are not actually at the White House. A White House that’s been seemingly abandoned since that inauguration. We even have some compelling footage that shows some kind of covert mass roundup of sorts that went down that night (Examples: HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE ).

While many in the Q crowd will claim that this is a good thing, I would say that any deception this grand can never be in our best interests. Granted, I am somewhat relieved that BiDAN & Kamala “Kamal Aroush” are not actually at the helm of the Executive Branch and weilding the immense powers it affords. I still have to wonder what on earth their play is here?

I am assuming the military is in charge. They would be the only ones who would have the clout and enforcement mechanism in place to pull some shit like this. But what are they waiting for? How long does it take to hunt down and eliminate this threat? And all while we have to watch some silicone mask wearing imposter sign Executive Orders that now allow biological males to play in women’s sports as just one of the shocking EO’s they’ve executed since the start of this mockery of an administration. I don’t know man. We have to listen to representatives of this “Administration” slander Conservatives and label them as domestic terrorists and white supremacists? Why would they allow them to keep their despicable machine of “division-instigation” humming along? I thought the whole point of seizing control was to stop them from pulling that kind of nonsense?

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We’re definitely “watching a movie”, I’m just not so sure it’s the riveting and uplifting motion picture that Q is trying to make it out as. Seems more like a mind-fuck of a horror flick with no end in sight.

World Now Under U.N. Martial Law As Great Reset Moves Ahead | Tulsi Gabbard Asks Joe(Not my President) Biden if he’s Declared Martial Law

This is a playlist of 43 of Tamaras videos having to do with the Deception of Trump and the forces behind him. Particularly the AntiChrist Legion spirit and Apolloyon. This includes videos on the dark forces behind Biden and Pence as well.

White House live video feed is not coming from the White House

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