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Kabbalistic 72 Names of God

This video is about the Kabbalistic tradition of the 72 “names”. Each “name” is sounded out twice together with the Hebrew and a transliteration in English letters. Very useful for learning to read Hebrew. The Rambam (Maimonides) taught: “You must beware of sharing the error of those who write amulets (kameot). Whatever you hear from them, or read in their works, especially in reference to [God’s] names which they form by combination, is utterly senseless; they call these combinations shemot (names) and believe that their pronunciation demands sanctification and purification, and that by using them they are enabled to work miracles. Rational persons ought not to listen to such men, nor in any way believe their assertions.” (Guide for the Perplexed, Book I, Chap. LXI)

Kabbalistic 72 Names of God – #69

69 Hey Aleph Resh

How: Read Hebrew letters from right to left. English left to right.

Pronounced: Resh Aleph Hey

Meaning: Lost and found. (Wisdom to find – and not lose sight of – direction)

Meditation: With this Name as my compass, the path toward my spiritual home is illuminated. I regain my bearings. With every step I take and with each moment that passes, I feel comfort, confidence and a stronger sense of direction.

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