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I’m not sure if it’s just the translator, but this reads like a child wrote it. I’m not sure where they are getting this specific information but I won’t completely discount the possibility that the Golden Dawn no longer felt like keeping Anthony Fauci around. To be honest I think that the guys over at Slaughter just saw the recent silicone mask footage of Fauci and then decided to make up this headline. Seems like something they’d do.

Many of you already know that while I DO believe there are secret “arrests” of some kind going on, I characterize it more as two Occult groups vying for power, rather than benevolent “white hats” rounding up Satanists. That’s a load of shit. They are all Satanists. The only reason I posted this was because they had some good pics of Fauci throwing out gang signs that I hadn’t seen yet and it highlights the fact that they are portraying him via some actor with a silicone mask. So that man is likely dead either way. Just like Joey Creepo.

Source: https://www.sfagi.gr/?_dnid=677&t=1616453841




Satanist Fauci has failed to help humanity and Trump.

He did not keep his word for cooperation with the Alliance!


Antony Fauci said his working relationship with Trump had made him very anxious.
This was true because he was satanic, he did not want to help!

The Satanist – Pedophile – Pedophile Anthony Fauci

Fauci was indicted and transferred to GITMO where he was tried last year. He was released for a while to help Trump.
His help was minimal. In fact he did not want it. He had vowed to faithfully serve the satanic agenda.
Trump was unhappy with his help, especially when Trump had to disgrace him with hydroxychloroquine. Trump disgraced the entire medical community with it.

The Satanist – Pedophile – Pedophile Anthony Fauci

Fauci was a devil worshiper and had sacrificed many children. When he stood with Trump in public, he made satanic symbols with his own hands.

We have known for a long time that Fauci was a Satanist.

He then went to work for Biden and stopped working for Trump. He continued his bad behavior.

He was reappointed in February and had canceled his probation agreement and was executed.

The Satanist – Pedophile – Pedophile Anthony Fauci

Of course he was addicted to adrenochrome / adrenochrome.
He used adrenochrome and while he was 80 years old, he did not look over 60.

The Satanist – Pedophile – Pedophile Anthony Fauci

Biden had an actor wearing a realistic face mask from the moment the clone was captured.
From now on you will see the actor playing Fauci and CGI graphics.

The actor plays Fauci in the video below.
Watch the super realistic mask coming out of the neck.READ:   Archbishop Christodoulos Paraskevaidis the works and the truths.

The video on Rumble.

We’ve seen Biden actor’s mask come out just like that.

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