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Far Beyond Absurd – Moderna Doubles Down & Announces Plans For a DUAL CV-19/FLU VAX

I was also unable to put myself through the trauma of actually listening to these idiots and watching the video to the end, but we need to keep ourselves in tune with the intensity levels of Covidardation around us. This is a clever ploy. They will mop up the last few idiots who may have been on the fence by claiming they now have a dual inoculation option. There was never a reason to need a flu shot before and there’s not one now, so if you end up using this as the deciding factor to get the jab, you deserve to get badly messed up by it. A fate I can guarantee.

They’re not even trying anymore. A grade schooler should be able to deduce the sad reality that your being simultaneously lied-to and mocked by these people.

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=R8S8532O6D9M

Far Beyond Absurd – Moderna Doubles Down (VIDEO)

Someone saw this coming. Cannot remember who predicted it. I cannot listen to the whole thing. It is just too stupid

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