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Boulder CO & The War Room Bullshit! Steve Bannon: Just Another Shooting Hoax Peddling Shill

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=KYBAUOUR6OA5

First of all Steve Bannon’s War Room is an embarrassment and a disgrace when it comes to these Gun Grab HOAXES. He and nudnik Raheem believe Boulder Colorado was real, San Bernardino, Las Vegas and I guess many others were all legit. They look like FOOLS discussing this garbage. Consider doing me a favor. #1. Copy the link at the top of the page. #2. Google Search “War Room Pandemic”. That will bring up Steve Bannon’s War Room. His home page. If you don’t enter War Room Pandemic you’ll likely get Apple Podcasts & a whole bunch of crap that is not about his home page. Once you get there, click the large video you see right in front of you. That takes you to a smaller one where you’ll see the EMAIL sign above the video. Blast him!

That wasn’t a terrorist attack. Note that automatic going off. Many people would die instantly. The event was FAKE NONSENSE. The MORON goes into a Supermarket and only kills 8 people. 2 outside. Totally RIDICULOUS!

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