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THESE HEADLINES ARE MIND-BOGGLINGLY DESPICABLE! – “Slain Boulder cop Eric Talley’s handcuffs used to arrest Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa”

Is it “ZOG” or “ZFG” you little hoaxing bitch? Couldn’t even remember the name of his fake production company that he whipped up in anticipation of participating in this False Flag.

Source: http://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=6N6ANO3M63YU

You’d think that the idiot would know the 3 simple letters of HIS OWN COMPANY. A rush job. I wasn’t going to make any more videos on this phony event but I just happened to catch this. There’s one other thing I have to check out to see if he may have SCREWED UP REAL BAD! We’ll see. | ORIGINAL LINK

What the heck is this? This looked like they just called him to come out and get arrested!

These headlines have some of the highest despicability levels I’ve ever seen. Trying to pull on people’s heart strings and make the headlines as dramatic and theatrical as possible in order to get as many eyes on, and hearts into the story as possible. Framing every detail with melancholic, yet retributional and justice-minded innuendo. They’re like: [Me in a mocking sarcastic tone] “Officer Talley is dead, so he couldn’t use his own handcuffs to arrest the shooter, but we made sure to put them to good use one last time in order to bring this killer to justice“. No actual human being with a soul and a IQ over 100 can possibly be OK with what we are witnessing here. The audacity has reached levels I never thought were possible and it’s all because we’ve let them get away with these hoaxes time and time again.

It should also be noted that Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi of the Bouldet police, incredibly, has an IMDB profile of all things. What a shocker. I’m not implying the guy is Liam Nielson, as he only had one tiny part in his career where he played himself in “The Social Dilemma”, a Netflix Documentary on the growing influence of social media and its effects on society. But you can see right away that he doesn’t shy away from social engineering exercises and is clearly very much interested in molding public opinion.


This was a painfully scripted press conference: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1gqGvoYlreeJB

Slain Boulder cop Eric Talley’s handcuffs used to arrest Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

By Lia Eustachewich | March 25, 2021 | 12:52pm | Updated

Share: Police at scene of ‘active shooter’ at Colorado supermarket

The suspect in the Colorado supermarket massacre was hauled away in handcuffs belonging to the Boulder cop he gunned down, police revealed Thursday.

Slain officer Eric Talley’s handcuffs were used to formally book Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa into jail — a symbolic gesture that paid homage to the veteran lawman, Boulder police tweeted.

“Officers informed him the handcuffs used that day were those of Officer Eric Talley,” the post said.

“It was our distinct honor to use Officer Talley’s handcuffs to formally process him into the jail. Though this was a small gesture, we hope it is the start of the healing process that so many of us need at this time,” the police department added in another tweet.

King Soopers shooting suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, appears in court on March 25, 2021.

The post included a black-and-white photo of Talley’s handcuffs.

The 51-year-old father of seven was among 10 victims in the King Soopers grocery store shooting Monday afternoon. Aliwi, 21, is accused of opening fire outside and inside the shop. His motive is not yet known.

Boulder police used the late Officer Eric Talley’s handcuffs to arrest shooting suspect Ahmad Alissa.

Talley joined the department in 2010, trading a six-figure job in IT for a gun and badge.

A friend said he was inspired to become an officer following the DUI death of another pal.

Boulder police officer Eric Talley and nine other people were killed in the mass shooting.

Talley received a hero’s sendoff Wednesday, with dozens of locals lining the streets to pay tribute as his body was taken to a funeral home.

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