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Satanic Rapper Lil Nas Says He ‘Might’ Rape Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett’s Father During Twitter Spat

Guys, you gotta cut Lil Nas X some slack. He’s literally used up all day by slobish homosexual record executives who relegate this boy to sex slave status. It’s likely the only reason he got signed in the first place. You know it was Billy Ray Cyrus who first broke that boy in. Now they got him making the rounds.

Well that escalated quickly… I see the left has taken the moral low-ground again. Like always. Must be nice to have that raging of a moral superiority complex that you deem it tolerable and appropriate to threaten a woman with rape for calling you out on your unambiguous loyalties to the actual devil.

Kaitlin Bennet seems to have earned the status of being the “go-to” Pundit on the right when the left decides to throw out rape threats. They did the same thing to her when she got swarmed by the leftist Gestapos’ brainless foot soldiers while she was doing a video on the Florida International College Campus. Except that time they threatened her with rape. This time it was her father.

We see that the left has of course, double downed:

Some people had the right idea though:

Some people were born to be put down. Physically and rhetorically. So true.

Source: By. Cassandra Fairbanks | The Gateway Pundit | March 28, 2021

Satanic Rapper Lil Nas Says He ‘Might’ Rape Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett’s Father During Twitter Spat

Cassandra Fairbanks

Satanic rapper Lil Nas said he might rape Kaitlin Bennett’s father during a spat on Twitter.

“Lil Nas just threatened to rape my dad. Sounds about what I’d expect,” Bennett tweeted with a screenshot.

The exchange began when Bennett tweeted that she was happy to be blocked by the rapper, who made headlines this week for Satanic sneakers containing human blood and a music video in which he gives Satan a lap dance.

Things escalated quickly from there, as Lil Nas tweeted “i still see ur tweets shitty pants,” referring to a cruel internet meme in which “feminists” on the left have spread a photo of a half naked girl that had an… accident… and claimed that it is Bennett. Yes, you read that correctly, the same group that claims to defend and believe women has used revenge porn of some unknown girl passed out at a party to shame Bennett for her politics.

Not one to back down from a fight, Bennett fired back saying “the guy that takes it up the ass from Satan wants to talk about ‘shitty pants?’”

Bennett followed up by asking the rapper if he still sees his dad.

The vile rapper responded by saying “yep and i might f-ck yours.”

“Lil Nas just threatened to rape my dad. Sounds about what I’d expect,” Bennett tweeted with a screenshot.

Just a couple of months before going full on Satanic — and now threatening to rape people’s fathers, Lil Nas was celebrating the fact that his fan base is mostly children during an interview with NPR.

Lil Nas recently wrote a children’s book he wrote called “C is For Country,” apparently based off his hit song “Old Town Road.”

That wasn’t the musician’s only attempt at making sure he had a young fan base.

In January, NPR reported in an article titled “Lil Nas X Says Children Are His Core Audience Right Now, And That’s OK,” “Reaching kids on their level has been a big part of the public persona of Lil Nas X in the past year. Last spring he did an appearance on The Not-Too-Late Show, singing the theme along with its host, Elmo. Leading into the holidays, he did a virtual performance on the online video game platform Roblox, reminiscent of the Travis Scott Fortnite concert in April. But Roblox has a huge younger audience — the company says over half its users are under 13 — and the Lil Nas X concert alone drew in over 30 million visits.”

The NPR report continued on to say that Lil Nas X says he isn’t particularly self-conscious about his extremely young fan base. “I’m well aware that life and careers and everything goes in chapters,” the rapper says. “That’s the chapter I’m in right now and I’m OK with that.”

To be clear, he specifically catered to a young audience to boost his career. Just a little over two months later, he’s grinding on Satan.

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