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Are These Moving Black Strands On Masks Parasites? Nanotech? | Strands of Nanotech Pulled Out of Infected Grasshopper

Are These Parasites? Moving BlackStrands On Masks Compilation. Are They Intentionally Placed There?

We don’t just have single videos on synthetic nano parasites, we have full blown COMPILATION videos on the subject now. That’s how commonplace and openly unambiguous this threat has become. We are going to start finding out that they’ve been infecting us with this stuff for a while now. That’s a dirty trick. They’re supposed to warn us I thought.

This nanotechnology is very real and has become much more advanced than most realize. Forget RFID chips. That’s disinformation. We’re WAYYY past that sized chip. We have tiny engines made from only 18 atoms that mount themselves onto the copper in your bloodstream and create a electric energy source when blasted with electrons. They have full blown synthetic nanopathogens that will assemble a WIFI antenna array, with copper orbs and all, directly within your tissue on a molecular scale. Self-replicating and transmitting data in both directions. Essentially turning your body into a remote controllable operating system via this new mutagenic invader.

This should horrify you to the core. That’s like 10 feet of nanostring he pulled out from that thing.

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