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Pictured below are the lesions found on the surface of the skim of sufferers of “Morgellons” disease. Doctors will claim they don’t know what it is or that is all in your head.

Think about the number of doctors who have been complicit up to this point in helping to cover-up what is an obvious and very real medical condition. For what? All to help cover up a much further reaching and sinister agenda to infect the global population with nanotech? Do these quacks even stop to think about what it is they are helping to sweep under the rug? For decades now, physicians across the world have been telling their patients with a straight face that their Morgellons symptoms are solely psychological in nature. That the lesions that are protruding from their body are actually all in their head and a result of them having incessantly scratched themselves before being examined. These oath breaking doctors have obediently stuck to this official position, with very few dissidents to speak of.

👆Can you see how similar these protrusions found in Morgellons patients are to the Nanocommunications antenna arrays? I think it’s safe to say we’ve found the culprit and the cause of Morgellons. Just don’t expect a licensed physician to actually admit this to you. 👇

Doctors are frequent and casual liars. Now we can see how they’ve been able to get the doctors to go along with the Coronavirus fraud. In the end, these medical professionals will do what they are told. No matter what. No matter how assinine or nonsensical the mainstream position might be, these doctors will obey. If they are told to tell their patients that Morgellons isn’t real, they will tell that to their patients. Even as most of them know for certain that it’s not merely a psychological condition brought on by scratching but a very real and sinister infection. When the CDC approaches your medical practice with new recommendations to start using fraudulent guidelines on how to designate Coronavirus as the official cause of death on death certificates, even if it wasn’t, they abide by this “recommendation” with little to no resistance. There is no moral dilemma for them. They just do what they are told. It’s pathetic.

I was advised to check out carnicom.com, which takes you to the research done by the Carnicom Institute on the Morgellons phenomenon. It’s probably disrespectful to even refer to it as a “phenomenon” since that would insinuate that the origins of this very real physical ailment are still as anomalous and mysterious as ever, and they’re not. Not anymore in my opinion. I think we can be safe in our assumption that we are dealing with purposefully released, malignant nanotechnology that has been self-replicating and spreading itself throughout ALL organic life on this planet for at least the past few decades. And it’s not just humans who are affected. It seems to have some kind of parasitic protocol in place to initiate and carry out when it encounters any biological host unlucky enough to get infected. A kind of auto-script that this synthetic approximation of cellular life is programmed to run automatically when it comes in contact with organic tissue, heat and water.

One of my favorite YouTubers is/was this old-timer “w0tm” who worked for the government on all sorts of secret “Tesla-like” projects. He has some of the most fascinating videos on the subject of time travel and multidimensional realities you can find anywhere. He also happens to be a victim of Morgellons, giving us the unbiased insight of a true scientific professional with not much to lose by being truthful about the true nature of the disease. He knows this stuff is nanotech.


Carnicom Institute DailyMotion Video Collection

Clifford Carnicom, founder of the Carnicom Institute, exposes the hard evidence that proves the source of the world’s most mysterious disease.

This is a compelling, uninterrupted lecture from the world’s original Morgellon’s researcher. Once again, it will be years before the public knows the information in this interview.



A comprehensive Carnicom Institute health survey

MRP Symptom Survey Results

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