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They Shapeshift For Their Roles On Stage And In Life | Earth Simulation Theory, Ancient Egypt & Westworld | The SIMULATION Ending? “Daft Punk & The Two Men In the Field”

They Shapeshift For Their Roles On Stage And In Life

The Chaos god Apophis had this world taken from him by the Sun god Ra. Not sure if that has anything to do with why one of these gods(little “g”) would have created our current simulation. A lot of the ancient Egyptian symbols that Godgevlamste cites for his Crater Earth theory might also carry relevance for explaining the existence of this artificial simulation that Tamara claims the gods referred to as “The Valley of Death”. I find that very interesting being an avid Westworld fan and knowing how prevalent the terminology about sacred “valleys” is in that show. They are hinting to some kind of ancient hidden knowledge and the relation that consciousness has with these simulated worlds and the possibility that we ourselves may have been placed in our controlled simulated environment the same way we do with the synthetic life forms that we create. I also thought it was pretty creepy that the staff at Westworld would rise out from underground when they had to enter the park and would then take hosts down with them to “the underworld”, much in the same way the Hopi Indians described the way the “Ant People” did the same to them. These who were also their “creator” of sorts. Anu Sinom = Ant People. Naki = Friend. Anu + Naki = Ant people friend.

SEE: The Ancient Hopi Legend of the “Ant People”

The hosts in Westworld speak of “The Valley Beyond”: The Valley Beyond, also known as Glory, Eden, Makȟóčhe lé čha yÁ ki and The Sublime, is a virtual world created by Robert Ford, which allows the Hosts who chose to do so to live freely away from humans. The Valley was accessed through the Door, which uploaded the hosts’ consciousness as they passed and left their body behind by passing.

“The Valley Beyond” seems to have the same intended euphemism for death as the deliberate ancient Egyptian “Valley of Death” title does. SEE: Unraveling the Puzzle that is “The Valley Beyond”

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Valley Beyond in Westworld | HARPERS BAZAAR

SEE: The Planetary Merkaba and Hyperdimensional Physics

Seems like they are hinting at some kind of connection between the above Dung Beatle/Sun disc iconography and the simulation theory. You can see the serpent overlords wrapping their vice grip around our constrained environment. It’s just a theory.​ Holographic Universe part 4 of 5. Egyptian Secret Knowledge, 144 Dimensions,Wave form Universe.
The Nature of Reality – Chuck Missler

We exist in a matrix, simulation, hologram, or virtually programmed
 that we believe is real because our brains tell us it is.

Holographic Universe – Simulation Theory | CRYSTALINKS

Source: By. Jacob Israel | |

The SIMULATION Ending? “Daft Punk & The Two Men In the Field”

By. Jacob Israel |

Techno fans everywhere, and more so, are upset at hearing the Parisian Band known as DAFT PUNK has broken up. The TWIN “Robots”, as they were known, were not just considered trail blazing geniuses in the Music Industry, there was something much more mysterious about this group.

The Masterpiece soundtrack for the Disney Ai simulated dystopian world sequel known as TRON Legacy, was heralded as more than an operatic Oscar worthy soundtrack but a next level “spiritual” experience.

Really though? Well, spiritual for this world perhaps. You see I believe God uses everyone, whether well or foul intentioned to reveal his Masterpiece for you, even when that paint piece seems sloppy. And I am not at all calling Daft Punk sloppy, I’m a fan.

And yet, who are they really? I mean, I’m not a super fan, I haven’t tried tracking down who is under the silver and gold robot mask, but to the average fan they are a mystery.

Almost as much a mystery as why the Twin Robot group decided the very last image/logo they would share together would be the played out, tired ALL SEEING EYE of Providence found within the Light Emanating from within the Pyramid formed by their Gold and Silver Hands.

You know, the sign all the big wigs and celebrities do for pictures to prove they are in the secret powerful spooky group you are not.

I also found it strange, they began their departure announcement Viral Video “Epilogue”with a simple black screen with the exact date and time they uploaded the video, that’s some forward thinking there but nothing special right?

Do the numbers 02/22/21 mean anything to you? Is there, say, a gematria meaning here, or a bible code? I jest, but not really. 22221. Looks weird right. Well let’s see….

The second book of Exodus perhaps, chapter 22 verse 21 which declares we must not mistreat or oppress foreigners, for we were foreigners in EGYPT as well. These are under a set of laws dealing with property rights, found after being set free perhaps. Been talking a lot about the Exodus lately, haven’t we? Is it time to be set free?

22221 … is it just the date and time they uploaded?

Or is it from the second oldest holy book in Islam known as the Zabur which are Psalms whose 22 chapter and 21 verse reads “Save me from the Lions mouth. Yes, from the horns of the wild oxen you have answered me.”

Or could it a deeper meaning? 22221 – a double minded person is unstable in all their ways. Until the 2 are no longer 2 but ONE!

Jesus said that He and His Father were One. That He was in God and that God was in Him. Then he went unto say that we are the same. He prayed that we would be ONE as they were One. For God IS One. Jesus understood that God gave him HIS desires, he explained that HE could only say and do what God, who was Within Him and He was within, orchestrated.

It is that picture of the two sets of footprints in the sand that miraculously become one. The famous poster that reads, when you see one set of prints it’s because God was carrying you. And I believe it is high time for us to lay down our ideas and our egos, to lay down our ignorant life in this world for the life that is found as Christ in You. The 2 2 2 2 become 1. Not our will but Gods in our life.

Regardless, of what those number really mean, it captured my attention. I am “prisoner” of Christ after all 😉

So much so, after watching their “Epilogue” video play out, I knew I would be discussing it on the show I aired last night on YouTube, whose link is below and you should watch it if you haven’t, or watch it with new eyes yet again.

As I discussed the multiple synchronicities found all around the same time as Daft Punk breaking up, Apophis, The movie Chaos Walking, the Pope’s visit to the ziggurat (ancient alien temple no less) and much much more. The segment where I showcased their farewell video was perhaps most encouraging of all.

Because regardless of whether or not Daft Punk is in the “know” or not, it doesn’t matter. Because God works everything together according to His will and our greater good, and everything means something when seen through the eyes of faith.

And there is MUCH to see in this video, which puts Wandavision’s Chaos Magic simulation in a new light when seeing everything through the Mosaic of the greatest Motion Picture of all times called OUR LIFE!

And so tell us the meaning behind the break up. Daft Punk we know there is more to the story, and whether or not people know your last video said it all.

In their latest viral video which depicted the Two “Twin Robot” Artists going their separate ways. They began together much like they were one, but soon the silver robot would no longer continue, next a timer was set and his Gold Robot twin brother watched as he exploded in the air. Destroyed as to never again appear, as the Other in Gold continues on into the Setting sun. A true rapturous moment, and what brought to my mind a very power scripture.

One that is very misunderstood. In their video Two men were in one field, one was taken, one is left. There is so much for you all to find my friends and I’m excited to be with you for this day.

And if haven’t seen my below YouTube video, where all of these timely breadcrumbs are laid out for you. You MUST today. Because the day we are in is A BEAuTIFUL ONE and while bad religion and politicians and more have done all they can to tear apart, God is bringing those into his Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and Joy as One. Because the Lord God is ONE!

So I hope you enjoyed this short article, please let me know in the comment section what you think, and more importantly what it all means 🙂

Below is the LINK for my video last night, I pray it encourages you and helps you to not be so scared anymore. The Lord is Our Refuge when Chaos Comes.

(Enjoy this poem I wrote in 2015 too)

“One selfless decision can erase the division caused by a life of selfish greed.

Even a proud man when his hat is in hand is counted a humbled spirit indeed.

Even the fool allows wisdom to rule when words from his tongue he keeps.

Even the most doubtful shows great faith by the act of simply planting a seed.

Even the most hateful can become grateful when someone finally shows them the love they need.

You see, all it take is one thing, to change everything, for you, and for me!


Daft Punk and The Two Men Of The Rapture

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