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Italian Political Dissident Denounces Covid-19 Vaccine—’We Are All Guinea Pigs!’

It’s nice to see there are still a few honest politicians left out there(I’ll end up finding out the guy is controlled opposition tomorrow probably). There are always a bunch of courageous freedom fighters that you can count on to come from countries like Italy and France. I think it has something to do with the fact that many of them do not have calcified pineal glands like the rest of the world population. They are the least likely to simply go along with mindless bullshit like the rest of the world population seems content with doing. I’m still having a tough time buying that this new shitty reality that’s been created for us is what most people had envisioned as a future for their children and is something they are content with letting fly. How more people are not rising up in unified condemnation of all this destruction of our basic freedoms is something I will struggle with for the rest of my life.

Source: by Lasha Darkmoon | Apr 3, 2021 via GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI
April 3, 2021 | Darkmoon.me

Italian Political Dissident Denounces Covid-19 Vaccine—’We Are All Guinea Pigs!’

by Lasha Darkmoon | Apr 3, 2021 | 12 comments

Italian police and troops ensure people adhere to lockdown rules.

Darkmoon – April 3, 2021

LD:  A much shorter Italian version of this sensational letter was submitted for publication by its author to his local newspaper in Italy, the Gazetta di Parma. It was apparently rejected. Here is the much longer English version, updated and revised with additional supportive material of my own on the vaccine crisis in Europe. For these later embellishments, consisting of over a thousand words, I bear sole responsibility and must answer for any mistakes made. [LD]  

By GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI — April 3, 2021

showing Coronavirus hotspots

The letter below by my translator friend Gian Franco is a cri de coeur that will resonate in the hearts of many Italians who have suffered more from this evil scourge during the last twelve months than any other nation in Europe. [LD]

Dear Editor,

After reading the letter to your newspaper by a reader,  dated March 26,  I would now like to present further evidence of how the Covid propaganda movement has spread terror among ordinary people.

By dint of lockdowns and the limitations placed on free movement, together with carnival-like colored areas and exceptionally gloomy economic forecasts, a new religion has suddenly appeared: THE VACCINE that is freely offered to the public, as if it were the Holy Eucharist offered as a sacrament.

Some people are understandably afraid and doubtful about accepting this sacramental panacea and cure-all for the modern plague; whereas others, more trusting,  are only too happy to run to get their injections—is if they had just won the Euro lottery.

It’s a sad picture;  a real form of masochism.

TV networks and newspapers all say the same things, parroting the same propaganda.

During TV talkshows, where the same dubious claims are made ad nauseam,  politicians and opinion-makers are full of pride and happiness when learning that mass vaccination is underway. No serious debate, however, is allowed. No cross-examination of the chief scientists or of the drug companies making these unsubstantiated claims is ever permitted to take place. Does anybody know why?

There is never any opportunity for people to express a different opinion. It doesn’t even matter if the dissenters  are respected scientists,  experts in their own fields, with full medical qualifications. Nor does it seem to matter if nurses, witnessing with their own eyes what is going on in the hospitals where they work, are silenced and told to shut up.

Can you imagine a trial  in which only the prosecution is allowed to speak?  And the lawyers  for the defense  are forced to remain silent by the judge?

The verdict would of course be predictable.

—     §     —

Your correspondent Mr Zinelli dreams of a “Vaccination Passport”.  But in this case people will from now on be divided into two groups: those who are “healthy” and with the right to travel and those who are stigmatized as plague-spreaders. It is hard to understand why vaccinated people should be afraid of the unvaccinated. After all, most unvaccinated people are every bit as healthy as the vaccinated ones think they are.

The last time I checked, most unvaccinated people were not lepers.

Concerning health staff and their obligation to vaccinate themselves and their reluctance to do it, this probably depends on the fact that they are more aware of the medical issues involved, and that these vaccines can actually have bad side effects—side effects that are glossed over and insufficiently well known, if not deliberately concealed from the public.

Why is nobody allowed to listen to these honest dissenters and their doubts? Why are they being ignored and classified as “vaccine deniers”—as if they had committed some shocking crime for speaking up and whistleblowing?

“Vaccine denial” should not be compared, however indirectly, with Holocaust denial. The real Deniers are on the ones on the opposite side of the fence who are doing their best to conceal the truth.

Here is a glaring example of intellectual dishonesty:  People have actually DIED after receiving their jabs—for example, for AstraZeneca and the Pfizer vaccines. TV and newspaper reports have then ridiculously claimed that those deaths were in no way related to the vaccine. It was apparently  pure coincidence they should all die one after the other like flies  soon after receiving their Coronavirus jabs.

Consider the facts. Several of your neighbors take the vaccine. By the end of the week they are all dead. How do you account for this tragedy? Is this cause and effect? Or is it a “coincidence”, as the mainstream media would like you to believe?

In any case, when people suddenly die like this a prolonged post-mortem investigation always needs to take place to establish the cause of death. This could take weeks, if not months. So how is it that that the mass media can make these bizarre claims of “coincidence” within a few hours of the reported deaths?

Do they have the gift of clairvoyance?

—     §     —

AstraZeneca has now cunningly changed its name to “Vaxzevria” . When values in the stock exchange plunge,  it’s obviously a good idea  to stick a new label on the bottle and pretend it’s a different drug.

Last Tuesday, Germany suspended the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca jab for the under-60s, causing outrage in Britain. This was because of a mysterious rise in blood clotting cases associated with the drug. France has now said it will only give the vaccine to the under-55s. Canada did the same this week.  Sweden and Finland are also restricting the use of the drug.  Denmark and Norway continue to ban it completely due to blood clot concerns.

As for Germany, it began to panic after 31 brain blood clot cases suddenly occurred in patients who had all received the AstraZeneca jab. Britain’s reaction? It was contradictory and logically inconsistent. While denying that the AZ jab had necessarily produced the blood clots in the first place—it could be a “coincidence”—it also suggested unhelpfully that 31 cases out of 2.7 million people was a relatively small price to pay for a splendid drug whose “benefits dramatically outweigh the risks”.

So far there have been 44 cases of a rare brain blood clotting condition on the Continent, causing 14 deaths. Not a bad score, you might be tempted to say. That’s not the point. The fact that this vaccine can destroy the brain is surely proof that the drug has been inadequately tested. That more time was needed to carry out further tests.

We do not consent to a vaccine produced in such a hurry.

After all, you don’t put a new car on the road if the gas tank keeps exploding, sending the car up in flames, however rarely such mysterious explosions might occur.

One European nation, Austria, has had enough of this nonsense. It has turned its back on the EU’s botched vaccine scheme and committed the unforgivable  crime of turning to Vladimir Putin’s Russia for help. “Sell us your vaccines please!” Austria’s chancellor Sebastian  Kurtz has begged the Russian president. Putin was happy to oblige. And so one million Russian vaccines are now on their way from Moscow to Vienna.

—     §     —

We were recently told by the EU Medical Regulator that we need to wait for more “data” to be collected as far as side effects of these vaccines are concerned.

Reflect on this: WE ARE THE DATA!

We get injections with an experimental vaccine put together in haste over a few months. In a race against time, so to speak.  With inadequate testing for side effects which always need several years  for sober analysis. You can’t do this by pulling rabbits out of a hat. This is medicine, not magic. We are playing with people’s lives.

The narrative is being shaped in such a way as to make everyone feel under obligation to accept the role of willing guinea pigs in a mass experiment whose consequences remain chillingly unknown.

I learned this morning , much to my amazement, that the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson,  has recently chosen a British city of 300,000 people in which every citizen is to be regarded as a guinea pig in a giant experiment involving “mass coronavirus testing”. Without being told they were going to be used as guinea pigs.

The article adds matter-of-factly: “The city’s identity was a secret but, with funding and planning understood to be in place, it could be announced in the coming days.” (See here)

How much more Orwellian can you get?

Never in my lifetime have so many people all over the world been so brazenly lied to by their governments. I am at a loss for words. God have mercy on our children.

“God  have  mercy  on  our  children.”

The world we grew up in has now gone forever.

We now have a new disease called ‘Long Covid’ which, theoretically,  threatens the lives of seven billion people on this planet:  (a) if people don’t takes their vaccines as recommended—jabs we are now expected to take every winter like flu jabs; or (b) if we take our jabs devoutly and they don’t agree with us and actually damage our immune systems.

More than one million people, I learn to my horror, are now suffering from the symptoms of Long Covid in Western countries. Possibly more in other parts of the world.  This was revealed yesterday in a a study by the Office of National Statistics, based on the experiences of 20,000 people whose day-to-day activities are now severely restricted. These broken men and women spend their days constantly coughing, fighting for breath, racked by headaches and muscle pains, and totally exhausted all the time. This is because they cannot even sleep.

We are now living on a planet of hell. But most people don’t know it.

The mass media, mesmerised by Big Pharma or complicit with it, engages in fear porn every day of the week by blaring forth their message of doom: “TAKE YOUR VACCINE OR DIE!”

We are now inhabiting a world in which we dare not kiss our dearest loved ones without risk or shake the hands of our best friends.

— Gian Franco Spotti

GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI is a poet, translator, and political activist who has travelled widely in Europe, speaks several languages, and now lives in retirement with his family in Northern Italy.


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