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Morgellons: Nanotech Horror Show of A.I. “Lifeforms”: “Have You Seen These?” -w0tm | Morgellons: Where Did it Come From

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I’m not too happy about the close apparent connection that this nanotech found on the masks and PCR tests(SEE: HERE & HERE) has with Morgellons Disease. That’s nasty stuff. I honestly feel dirty right now. Not able to shake the feeling that I’m inevitably polluted and stained with decades worth of self-replicating nanotech build-up that’s deeply burrowed and embedded itself in my flesh. I had no idea that it chewed through fabric and leather and took on so many forms. Some look like mites, worms, spiders and even just took on the appearance of a piece of plastic or lint. It’s troubling when you learn what these basic cellular organisms can be programmed to do.


A slime made up of independent, single cells, they found, can “learn” to avoid irritants despite having no central nervous system. “Tantalizing results suggest that the hallmarks for learning can occur at the level of single cells,” the team wrote in a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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This piece had a ton of info and is useful just for the extensive citations at the end. | READ: Morgellon: The ‘M’ Word You’ve Never Heard of and Lesions that Persist

I’ve found some more sites(morgellonscure7.wordpress.com) with what they claim are cures or remedies for Morgellons. This will be helpful in trying to find ways to combat and fight back against what is a literal invasive artificial lifeform that should not exist. Whoever helped to design, refine/implement and then release this insideous nanotechnology onto the surface of this planet should be charged with a whole slew of human rights violations. These Khazarian Globalists act like they care about the environment with all their dummy talk about “A Green New Deal” and that’s as they’re releasing invasive artificial life out into the biosphere.

It’s sad to hear him talk about the plight of a Morgellons victim. This guy was also a serious insider and knows how our corrupt Government bureaucracies operate and says the DOJ is SOOO corrupt that there is no one to turn to when you have the entire medical community bought off by big pharma. Doctors who refuse to acknowledge the reality that Morgellons Disease is very real and not some psychiatric delusion. If they did that then they’d have to honestly evaluate what it is we’re dealing with here, which would then immediately blow the lid off the whole operation. Or would it? People are so braindead that they would buy their lame cover story in the aftermath of some kind of whistleblowing. They’ll buy it because they are literally under some kind of mind control apparatus enabled by the Morgellons nanotech that’s inside their bodies transmistting data back and forth from a central hub!!

Skizit Gesture has the best channel for Morgellons research. She has a website: Morgellons Mysteries | PINTERIST: Everything Morgellons

Website link: http://www.skizit.biz/ |​ Fibers, fluorescent dye, hydrogels are all genetically encoded in bacteria and fungus. Please visit the website and I hope you can learn something that will help you. I will be adding things daily including specimen, treatments and information on synthetic biology. Without synthetic biology and microbial cell factory technology, morgellons would not be possible. Inclusion bodies inside fibers is alive.

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