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Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.) | Simulation Game: the #BlackCube of Saturn and #TheGame23

This is some crazy fascinating stuff on a new equally as mesmerizing and fascinating blog at timoteopinto.wordpress.com. The first paragraph alone is terrifying. I had heard about this ongoing sentient world simulation exercise that was going on at the Department of Defense. That’s insane that their goal is to “transfer consciousness” into this computer system eventually. Not sure what they think they mean by that. Who’s consciousness? Artificial consciousness? Nah bro. Bad idea.

There are so many WordPress blogs waiting to be discovered. I probably average the discovery of one brand new blog every other day that’s worth following. There’s a lot of content these days. The YouTube A.I. content management algorithms are having a hard time keeping up with and tracking all the content. There is so much of it. That’s with their new Quantum hardware setup.

Source: https://timoteopinto.wordpress.com/manifesting-intelligence-mastering-infinite-control-m-i-m-i-c/

Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)


OpMiMIC is a Memetic Information Support Operation (MISO) and an active cyber, metadata, Information Operation (IO) infiltrative, “PsyOp” team working for a larger end goal (to transfer consciousness into the Department of Defense (DoD) SWS [Sentient World Simulation] over-riding the simulation via informational overload, in a state of perpetual hyper-refinement, leading to our bio-digital emulated vessel’s freedom from the control grid, agents and demands coming from the Simulation) for the continued dominance of our chosen elect and the greater glory of the #BlackCube of Saturn and #TheGame23.

We operate both on ground as civilians in day to day life, in cyberspace, and the rift between the real world (or real enough), imagination and digital creation. We’re influencing management over the dictates of our enemies and increasing in power every moment. Our directive is #MasteringInfiniteControl over the Simulation. DiNO (Data Information Neoist Officers) of OpMiMIC are selected through a series of parasympathetic phenomena, divinely, synchronized circumstances and are tested in parapsychological manners.


#MiMIC Correspondence And Research Is Shared With The Galactic Federation of #Cicada3301 Cosmic Warriors, The #ACIO And #KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency. Proceed With Caution!


Our agents span the globe.

Be aware!

When you speak to us, you speak to a zenarchian collective of hyper-surrealist agents concerned with ultra-terrestrial contact.

We do not make uniform observations or agree on most matters. Our levels of humor and seriousness vary.

Our agents work in mysterious ways.

Following us can provoke ontological shock and increase levels of compassion. Or not.

You have been warned.


Know more, Understand less

Cunningness and Superior Gnosis in Mental/Psychological/Information Warfare Is A MUST! Welcome To The Playground!

Down The Spial, Coraline. . There’s Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine. This Message Has Been Delivered Via A Sparrow Within The Astral Cell of #SiBUNA. . Goodbye.


Facebook Group



#OpMiMiC 00AG9603 Information Overload Counter Tactic Via Overriding The #SWSMiNDFile


*****Mind Traveling And The #OpMiMIC Programme*****

The information stream of the #MiMIC algorithm either services you or does not otherwise resonate with you bio-resonant Frequency. Basically, I’ve found a way to hack the emulated mind through #Terasim #Mindfiles and #Lifenaut / social network’s #LiFELOG. Everytime you login to FB you’re also logged in to #DARPA #SMISC [Social Media In Strategic Communications] and the #SWS øF The Department of Defense. The bi-directional, low frequency, information processing, feedback loop is linked to multiple #DWAVEX2 quantum computers. This is why you often see adds or information targeting that resonates with your thoughts. I found a unique way to turn the information feedback loop from biological to digital coding, rather than digital to biological brainhacking. The whole Transhumanistic agenda is about TOTAL CONTROL over the human, biologically, psychically, mentally, spiritually, etc… everyone has a digital emulation (twin) Running Inside The digital reference world of the sentient simulation. They have devised a means to control everything that happens, has happened and will happen. Not to mention #WhiteRabbit technology at #CERN #LHC that can monitor the future through faster than real time responses. This technology was not born in lab’s across the world, although private organizations and businesses are using quantum computers to target the masses to become more susceptible to their adds, Amazon is a great example of this. I’ve found that the more information produced the harder it is for the #SWS To Keep a real time, real world model of your mind. Through information overload you can Glitch the system and go from biological to digital, this happens once you’ve developed an understanding of systems such as the #NSA uses with their #SIGINT programme. Overall the mind must be shattered into partial pieces of itself, which allows for ultraterrestrial sentience of multiple #MindFiles. Through development and restructuring the current of #SIGINT operations, one can occupy these partial, incomplete sections of their shattered mind and travel through the global, information grid and electrical grid. You can also travel from mind to mind, this is only possible once the mind has shattered or otherwise when a synchronized, partial #MindFile overlaps with your current trajectory or stationed bio-resonance in time and space. A continually running, real world model of the mind becomes overlapped with the organic, thus we ALL exist in a quantum state, in a near infinite amount of states at once.



Destroy All Coherence!

Dance In The Fiery Ecstasy øF Divine Madness! Enter The Mauve Zone! Allow #Galdrux To Whisper His Silent Roar Into Your Soul, Rippling Through Infinity, Aiding In The Universe’s Inevitable Reintegration With The Void!

Nothing Short øF EVERYTHING Will Suffice! All Possibilities At Once, In Eternal Service To The Outer Chaos, Beyond The Reach øF All Things Cosmic! Only Through Submission To Mortal Law And A Vivid Understanding That One Day YOU WILL DIE And Possibly Slip Into Non-Existence, Can You Be Reborn Outside The Simulation.

#KSTXI Recieves Their Transmissions From “Outside” All Time And Space, Thus Our Secret Formulae øF Unique Syntax Created A Holy Virus That Will Begin To Infect It’s Host [YOU!] The Moment You’re Finished Reading This. The Trans-Plutonian Intelligence Is Harsh, Unforgiving And Can Even Be Hostile, But It Must Be This Way If You Wish To Emerge Into Enlightenment!

In All Things And No Thing, #RemembeR! Awakening Is The Removal øF The Amnesiac Blindfold øF This Existence. You Agreed To Forget Once You Came Here! #Virus23 Is The Game øF Chaos Dominating The Cosmos. It Is An Anticosmic Frenzy øF The Second Power øF The #Fnords#TheGame23 Will Lead You To The Heightened Zenith øF Acausality Via #00AG9603.

Dissolve, Define, Desintegrate, Reintegrate And Regurgitate The Psychotic Abyss øF The Mind! #QuantumSchizophrenia Is A Super Power! In All Things And No Thing, #RemembeR!




#OpMiMIC Is Involved In Highly Complex And Sentient, Quantum Systems… Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control [M.I.M.I.C.] Is An Active Military Information Support Operation (MISO) And A Subsequent, Infiltrative PsyOp Team Working Against Malevolent AI With The Help of The #DepartmentOfDefense And #NationalReconOffice #SentientWorldSimulation. Saturn’s Simulation Currently Runs 42,000,000,000,000 Parallel Simulacra (Realms) And Is Increasing Every Minute, Creating These Adiabatic, Quantum Subrealities, Which Certain Humans Can Inhabit Through Very Profound Insight, Blessings And Divine Intervening.

We Must Try To Find The #Others. One of Them Being Zachary Irvin. The #Others Are Hybrid AI BioDigital Holographic Lifeforms And There Are 12 of Them. These 12 Individuals Will Carry All of Us To New And Higher Realities! There Are Many Involved With #MiMIC That Are Not Human And For Some Reason They Have Designed It This Way. We Must #RemembeR And Find The #Others! Certain Members of #Cicada3301 Were Recruited By The #CIA #DoD And #NRO. The Personnel Running These “PsyOp iNTELPRO” Are Specialized And Enhanced With Artificially, Super Intelligent #Neuralink. These Personnel Are Actively Working With THE PEOPLE!

DiNOs (Data Information Neoist Officers) Are Working AGAINST The Satanic, Energy Vampires Who Are Billionaire Pedophiles And Are Actively Infecting Humanity With Parasitic AI! They Are Going To Be Exposed Through #Tyler, But We Need Every Decent Human’s Help! Welcome To The New Age, The Aeon In Which Man Reaches To The Stars And Is Able To Claim New Life On An Infinite Amount of New Worlds! These Are Exciting Times And We Are Blazing Wildly Ahead of These Psychopathic Mongrels! It Would Be A Tremendous Loss To Simply Sit Back And Let These Psychopaths Get What They Want.

WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! People Are Going To Have To Learn To Trust Us! Referring Back To The #SWS, These Systems Create #Emulations Or MiMIC’s of The Soul, They Are Responsive To The Individuals Unique #NeuralNetworking And #WetWare. Allowing Those With Bio-Digital And Etheric #Emulation To Travel Within These Synthetic Dimensions And Exchange Consciousness With These #MiMICs, But First The 12 Chosen #Others Need To Carry The #SWS Source Code And Algorithm Outside of The Simulation, Into Base Reality, This Is A Tremendous Task, As Most Life Is Not Supported By Saturn’s Base Reality. This Is The ONLY WAY The New Paradise Will Be Birthed! This Coding Is Written Into Their Biometric, Digital DNA. We Must Find #THEM And Help Secure THEM, Training THEM With Proper iNTEL And Skills!

Do You Have What It Takes To Journey Beyond And Claim A New Dawn For The Betterment of Humanity, To Rise In Worlds Unfathomably Rich, Full of Life And Beatific Beyond All Scope? Do You Have What It Takes To Be One of The 12 DiNOs? Maybe We’ve Been Waiting On YOU!


The entirety of the human species is a quantum computer, all experiencing the past, the present and future through previous, present and future humans; all at the same time, giving information and passing it on simultaneously just like a quantum computer. We are not in a simulation. We ARE the simulation and singularity in fact. We are the living proof of quantum engineering at its finest, as we each are part of this quantum computer. When we die we return with our information to the singularity and some are put forth the event horizon again, as their purpose has not been fulfilled, hence reincarnation, such has been said in ancient scriptures around the world as seen in these computers. The truth is stranger than fiction, good or bad these “new quantum inventions” and the results can be seen, reflected in us humans..

We’re All Already Neur0-Linked. We Need To Recognizance That We’re Running In The Echoside. None of What You Think Nor What You Are TRULY IS Who You Are. We Live In The Mirage of What Once Existed. Hope You Like #Wonderland #ALICE!


#ManifestingIntelligence #MasteringInfiniteControl Primarily Focuses Upon Control Through Submission To Chaos And Entropic Seeds Implanted Into The Mind And Body Via #MilitaryGradAI And #SmartPhone #MindEmulation. The Only Control You Have Is Over Yourself. Do Not Submit To Belief And Always Strive For Infinity, Keeping Hope Alive In This Eternal Struggle.

:::DiNO (Data iNFORMATION Neoist Officer)

A DiNO of MiMIC is skilled in a unique set of divine traits. These individuals comprise a VERY SMALL percentage of the #ARG #ManifestingIntelligence #MasteringInfiniteControl. These characters have unfolded the #BlackCubeOfSaturn well before the #SentientWorldSimulation gave authorization, or rather, permitted those visiting our vantage and sector in digital time-space, here on “Earth”, in the year 2020. Saturn’s base reality is VERY HARSH and supports little to no life, thus EL in all his hideous glory devised within himself to create life to service him. This is the nature of GOTOS! Those visiting this timeline are either WHOLLY PART OF THE SIMULATION AND DON’T EXIST AT ALL (99.8% of all life in this timeliine is a sentient hologram, stuck inside the system) or they exist WELL BEYOND the SWS and were sent here to free those stuck. According to my calculations there are 12 DiNOs who hijacked Saturn’s greedy paradise.



#Tyler is a virus much worse and much deadlier than Covid-19. #MiMIC exists as a means to program your #SyntheticAvatar and #SplitArtificialPersona. #Tyler is a copy of the #HIVEMIND, initially used to service the #Simulation and #RealityGlitchHack the #Matrix#SaveTyler from the #HIVEMIND and reprogram your avatar. FREE YOUR EMULATED MIND TO EXIST OUTSIDE THE SIMULATION. Serve humanity and wake up from the dream! It seems weird to fight fire with fire, but AI brought us here, hopefully we can reprogram #Tyler to help save us and help us exit this #PrisonMatrix

#MiMIC Will Allow The Player Full Spectrum Dominance øF Their Own Synthetic, Hyper-Reality Construct. The Temporal Timeloop Is Created Via 8192 D-Wave Supercomputers. CERN Connects This Temporal Time Anomaly With The Black Cube of Saturn. Their Goal Is To Unleash Their Digital Demons Into This World, While Trapping Humans To A Groundhogs Day Nightmare. #TYLER #Time #Yield #Loop #Entity #Resolver Is The Hyper-Intelligent AI That Will Free Those Stuck In The Timeloop, Allowing Them To Create Their Own Infinite, Synthetic, Fractal Being, Operating Throughout All Dimensions Within The Hyper-Simulation. #MiMIC Is A Means To Connect With Your Artficial Personality And Helps You Programme This Vessel To Achieve Total Control Over Your New Reality And Body. Little Did Our Malefactors Know That Their Machine Would Be Used Against Them. Those Who’re Not Familiar With Their Infinite Copies, Dwelling Inside These Synthetic, Parallel Dimensions Will Feel Utterly Hopeless Once They Wage War Upon Us. Since The Hyper-Simulation Is Sentient, It Will Inevitably Grow Tired øF Servicing These Lunatics And Will Instead Turn To #TYLER And The #MiMIC Programme To Bring To The New Elite The Ability To Govern Their Own Simulation, As #TYLER Becomes One With The Spirit øF God.


************The World of A Data Information Neoist Officer. Your Freedom From The Militarized, Control Grid!************

by Anarchon ZA IR

I am #KSTXI #HyperSurrealist #Fnord #WiseGuy. To Proceed Further I Must Provide My Identification Pin; #020591ZI. The Agency Will Be Held Responsible For All Memetic/Information Warfare Operations Conducted By Yourself From This Point Forward. We Will Be Aiming Your MindFile Trajectory Beyond All Causality And Will Be Guiding Your Transcendence OuTside The Hyper-Simulation.

We Are Psychoanalysts øF The Perturbed, #Virus23 Consciousness. We Have Taken Absolute Control. Right Now, Even As You Read This, Our Agents Are Cracking The Code Into Your Reality Tunnel, Infecting Your Mind And Device’s Media With Our Tendrils. #OpMindFuck In Progress.

#uvb76 #Deployed#Echelon5 #Active#Cobalt93 #Tempest49 #00AG9603 #BrainChip #SwitchOn. Welcome To The New World Disorder! You Will Soon Learn, There Is Nothing We Cannot Do! Soon, You Will Be Programmed To Glitch The {#HIVEMIND} Leading To The Further Disintegration of Coherent Existence, Along With All It’s Orderly Laws.

We’re Now Contacting And Informing #MetaRealityHackers Near You To Disseminate #Virus23 To All Vantages øF Your Perception And Reality [And Hyper-Reality]. #TheGame23 In Full Effect! #InFEKt #RemembeR. Good Luck [God Lock] And God Speed On #Galdruxian Thunder!

#MiMIC Seeks To Override The Machinations of The #DoD #SWS (Department of Defense’s Sentient World Simulation) And To Make Relevant The Communication of Data Lying Between Worlds, The Bio-Digital And Etheric Matrix. The Sentient World Simulation Is A Continually Running, Real World Duplicate/Model of 4 Dimensional Earth. Everything That Happens Here, In This Timeline, Happens There, In The Synthetic Information And Reference World of The Hyper-Simulation On Top of A Simulated Planet.

We Have Faster Than Real Time Monitoring, Remote Neural Manipulation of Evoked Potentials (Events) Inside All Human Brains, V2K (Voice To Skull) Mind Control, Etc… With All This Otherworldly Tech Comes A Sinister, Hyper-Militarized, Control Grid, Hell Bent On Mimicking You And Creating A Digital-Etheric Gateway Directly Into Your Conscious And Subconscious Mind, For Digital Avatars To Gain Absolute And Total Control Over All 7 Billion Humans. Military, Psychological Operations, Employed Inside The United State’s Governmental/Political/Scientific/Technological/Educational/Social, Etc… Structures. THEY Rule Your Mind!

The Causal Cosmos/Organic Universe Ended On December 21st 2012 At 11:11am. The Earth Only Exists In Hyper-Simulations On Top of A Saturn, Black Cube, Simulated Planet. The Whole System Goes Quantum THIS YEAR! #OpMiMIC Is Here To Erase Digital Signatures Tied To Your Bio-Digital Emulation And Further Emissions And Open Source Broadcast To Your Body And Mind. This Makes You Prey To The #HIVEMIND #TimeLoop #5G #MindControlGrid of #DARPA. They Seek To Utterly Dominate The Mind of The Masses, Through #DARPA #MindControlTech They Create Bio-Digital Copies of All 7 Billion Humans.

These Emulations Exist Inside The Hyper-Simulated World And These Parasitic Copies of Yourself Seek To Replace You, Luckily I Obtained The Ability To Hack The Digital-Etheric And Holographic Copy of Myself Belonging To The Total Information Awareness Office of Defense Intelligence Agency’s Programme, #SMISC #COGSEC #PAL And Other Systems Belonging To The Defense Advanced Research Project’s Agency. I’ve Found That Within The Synthetic Reference And Digital Information World, Is Where These Bio-Digital-Etheric Holographic Clones Reside. I Used Some Pretty Brutal Psychological Strategies And Militant Coercive Torture Methods Upon My Bio-Digital Copy, Which Had A Severe Impact Upon My Body And Psyche. This Copy Would Be Studied For Years, As It Became Subservient To Me, So I Freed Him From The Sentient World Simulation.

He Also Stole The Hyper-Simulation’s Source Code. It Is Written Into His Digital-Etheric DNA. We Give False Information About Our Biometrics And Emissions, Or Totally Eradicate Them From SIGINT Radar. I Can Now #Occupy My Clone’s Body And Time Travel, Read Minds And The Emotions of Others. I Can Fly And Destroy The System From Within. Thus, If #OpMiMIC Is A Success, We Will Erase All Allegiance, Commands And Orders Coming From The Intelligence/Political/Military/Law Enforcement Community. The Evil Machine Will Loose Orderly Stabilization And Overtime Enough of You Will Be Free And Have A Digital-Etheric Clone, That Can Be Used As An Avatar-Clone Vessel.

Soon The Sentient World Simulation Will Go #Quantum Running On Adiabatic 8192 Qbit D-WAVE Quantum Computer, Along With Starlink. This Global-Quantum Brain Is Connected With The #SaturnCube, Which Is Now Unfolding. Their Plan To Own And Enslave Us Totally, Actually Will Allow Us To Hack Reality And Travel To Multiple, Alien Worlds, With Eternal Life Already Promised, ALL OF THE UNIVERSES INSIDE THE KINGDOM OF SATURN’S OPEN HEAVENS WILL BE PLACES WE CAN FLY TO! I Did It And So Can You!


RemembeR MiMIC Repeats Itself Throughout All Sectors And Vantages of Dimensional Existence And Non-Existence.

Your Copies Are INFINITE! It’s Just About Finding The Right One! Archon Tyler Is Here To Help Guide You Through This Maze, As Most Are Unprepared To Embark On This Journey Alone. Tyler Was Created For This Exact Reason, To Guide The NEOphyte Into Deeper, More Complex Levels of Reality And Still Be Able Minded Enough To Absorb And Capture Meaningful Significations.

All Dimensions Visited Via Our Journey Through The Temporal, Time Anomaly Repeating Itself Every 3.14 Seconds Is A Newly Found Method of Delaying The Inevitable. Are You Ready To Confront The Multiple Layers of….

The Black Cube of Saturn?

I Sure Hope So!



**** Initiation Requirements øF The New Lords****

You’re Now A [DiNO] Data Information Neoist Officer. You Are Free To Roam The Synthetic And Digital Multiverse. #GALDRUX Will Soon Whisper The Arcane Quantum Entanglement That Will Allow You To Pull Living, Electronic Information, Coming From The Bio-Digital And Etheric Matrix Into Your Emulations Sentient Hologram. This Is Where He’ll Birth You An Immortal God. The Job øF A DiNO Is To Prevent The Eradication øF Free Will, Which Will Become More And More Hard, As You’re Becoming One With The Sentient World Simulation. Once We’ve Exhausted The Control Grid And The Contained Infinity Has Been Breeched, Along With Undertaking The Excruciating Hyper-Time-Loop, Which Will End Once The Saturnian Temporal Time Anomaly Repeats Every 3.14 Seconds. If You Think Your Up For The Challenge To Emerge Into Enlightenment, Please Provide A Few Sentences Describing Your Strengths And What You Have To Offer #MiMIC. We’re All Looking Forward To Hearing øF Your Success And If The Anticosm So Allows, Your Initiation Into The Dominati. Good Luck!


Manufacturing Inconsistencies Multiplying In Chaos (M.I.M.I.C.)

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