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TRIPPIE REDD IS ORLANDO BROWN | No One in Hollywood Plays Just One Character

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Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It is 100% certain that Trippie Redd and Orlando Brown are in fact the same individual. A practice that this kid(Concious X)has found to be standard operating procedure in Hollywood. Particularly among rappers. No one plays just one role. He was even publicly acknowledged by one of them when he published his findings. These rappers appear to be literal slaves in the industry. Forced to play dress-up for the rest of their lives while carrying out ritual after ritual in their always heavily Occult themed music videos. These artists are starting to look more and more like the soulless avatars on puppet strings we’ve long suspected them on being. No semblance(or very little) of autonomous human spirit remains in any of these vessels. Once and a while you may see a remnant of their humanity when they pathetically cry out from the sunken place. But for the most part these are totally non-human characters that have been inserted into our reality Matrix.

He sounds exactly like Orlando Brown in this video.
Orlando Brown is way too good of a rapper in this song. That’s a polished rapper.

I wonder how few actors/actresses/Hollywood Stars there actually are? Each individual could be playing the part of up to 3 or 4 separate characters at any given time. You got Billy Eilish who is Lil Xan who is a clone of Justin Bieber who also plays The Weekend. Kristin Bell who is Avril Lavigne AND Eva Green. Brad Pitt is Benicio Del Torro.

That’s once you take into account that most of these stars have been converted to synthetic-only form. Rendering them as remote-controllable Westworld dolls that can be worked machine-like hours, pumping out indoctrinating entertainment non-stop at an inhuman rate. This also means they likely have duplicates of everyone as well. It must still be a terrifying prospect for these synthetic copies to make the realization that they are duplicates who can be easily replaced at any time. Knowing that the fate of your original version of human consciousness met an inevitably horrifying last few moments of panicked life before being killed and replaced with a synthetic copy. Much like what happened with Dave Chappelle.

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