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More Synthetic “Nanoworms” Found in Masks From Asia

We now have some compelling corroborating evidence for the initial discovery of the synthetic nanoworms that have been thoroughly laced within all their unnecessary Covaids gear. The fact that it’s coming from Asia should be the least surprising aspect of this story. We know that much of the most revolutionary and cutting edge synthetic nanotechnologies were developed in China and Russia. Hitachi is the one making the smart dust hardware while most K-Pop boy bands are comprised of Robotoids only.

So they’ve really been practicing with their life approximation technology over there. I don’t want everyone to start pointing to China to place all the blame though. We need to start with the rats right here in the U.S. who ordered up all this nano-poison. Don’t let them play their diversionary ruse. Though I doubt anyone is even going to acknowledge this story anyway. I have a feeling this post is going to result in a Twitter suspension. Suspensions are nothing more than verification that you’re over the target. I still can’t believe they haven’t banned me over there yet. I guess they figured eliminating more than half of my followers was good enough.

a) Textile fibers embedded during the processing creation of the masks. Harmlessb) Nano tech fibers placed by nefarious entities whos means and results are unknown.c) Alien Worms they brought back from Mars.

Nanoworms Found in Masks(again): MP4 VIDEO

Morgellons inside Covid Nasal Test | 153news.net


Yes people. This is legit. This is not some fabricated “alt right” conspiratorial anecdote. This is very real evidence that’s been gathered from social media that shows some very scary and invasive synthetic “life forms” crawling around within the fabric of surgical masks and also within the shiny white material that the swabs are made from that are used for the PCR tests. They’ve even discovered a smart dust chip that was placed precariously on the tip of the testing swab. So I would be careful with your pretentious disdain. Your ignorance and moral superiority posturing could cost you big time if you choose to blow this off.

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