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Shocking Number of Hollywood Stars Playing More Than One Public Character | Lil Peep = Justin Bieber = The Weekend. Billy Eilish = Lil Xan. Juice WRLD = Lucki. Mase = Lil Yachty & MANY MORE

At first I just thought that there were only a handful of situations like these. Where certain opportunistic circumstances led to a label tasking one of their established artists, who they already knew was talented, with creating a secondary character that they would then promote like crazy, making them stars as well. Simple and logical enough of a plan. However, by no means did I think that it was the literal standard operating procedure within the industry. It seems as though if you aren’t playing the part of at least 2 different stars, then you are not pulling your weight in the music business.

There also seems to be obvious ritualistic and occult motivations behind the creation of, then subsequent “sacrifice” of these highly adored public personalities. They soak up all the energy released by grieving fans whenever they fake the death of one of these indoctrinating demons all while the artist is perfectly fine and at home laughing at and mocking their fans. Though in some cases I think they really were sacrificed like in Nipsey Hussles case. I believe he was setup and murdered by a jealous rival(Drake). But that’s another story.

If we’re being completely honest, then I must admit the grim probability that ALL Hollywood talent, if ever were originally human, were long ago murdered and replaced by a subservient and easily controllable synthetic copy of the authentic human version. This would explain their ability to sustain the inevitably monster sized workload that would come from playing the part of multiple famous artists. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is built with the tombstones of these now “dead and gone” celebrities. At least someone gave them a funeral. Minus the proper burial.

ConciousX deserves all the credit for these discoveries.

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