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The Earth May Not Be So Flat After All | Mark of the Beast, 3-6-9 Time Loop(88) Matrix

*For whatever reason, the below YouTube video shows itself as a dead link on my post but when you go to YouTube it’s fine. Maybe it’s my browser, but just to be prudent I’ve uploaded an additional copy to Rumble where I will be backing up most media in my posts onto from now on.


My Italian friend has spoken on this paridigm to me privately. Relating to the significance of the 3, 6, 9 and how we experience reality. He would appreciate this channel Neon Glimmer. I hope he has a way of watching with Italian captions.

This has been blowing my mind. The possibly that a toroidal reality matrix is being fabricated within our minds before becoming conscious of it and then oscillated near our eyes within our brain to create what we perceive as consciousness, is a theory that deserves more attention. This means that we are not reacting to external influences when we experience consciousness. It’s all manufactured within the human brain ahead of time. Could this be why we are able to see up to a few seconds into the future?

The Real Matrix -DAVID ICKE

Your perception of “past,” “present” and “future” is defined by the part of the movie you choose to give your attention to.

Time Loop & The Matrix

The fact that he has identified the Mark of the Beast as nothing more than one being stuck within the 88 / 666 matrix time loop, is something that really resonates with me. Never looping us back to the source or Creator God. We know how prevalent this 88 number is associated with time-related occult themes. EntertheStarz talks about this ALL the time. He’s also spoken on how the universe exists within the human eye, which also obviously resonates with this theory as well.

The symbol of the snake eating its own tail represents this matrix time loop that we apparently may be stuck within at the moment. Some believe this false reality was implemented fairly recently, back in 1999 or 2012 and may have been the result of cern accidentally destroying our original universe and then replacing it with a duplicate bootleg copy of sorts. This has been used to explain the Mandela effect.

I’m still a bit troubled as to how this relates to neither the flat or ball earth model being correct. What he is saying is that essentially there is no model in existence that could possibly be “correct” because everyone’s reality is completely subjective to their own self-fabricating oscillating interdimensional toroidal reality matrix. Personally I would love for that to be true because then I could start creating my own realities and not continue to be stuck in this increasingly crappy world that I find myself boxed into. But I still think their must be some kinds of external, independent and universally consistent properties of our physical world that can be mutually agreed upon, or it would imply that there are no other souls in this world for you to interact with besides yourself. They would all have to have been nothing but a construct in one’s mind. This would mean that everything I am researching about online at the moment was all actually originally a subconscious construct within my own thoughts that was self projected into/onto my reality matrix in some way or another, to manifest itself in my conscious realm. Mind blown. I don’t think I’m that smart though to have subconsciously realized any of this.

You can spend forever on this guy’s channel if your into this kind of stuff. It ties in a lot to what Radiation Matters & Godgevlamste have been talking about as well.
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