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“A Story Like No Qther” ;) Evergreen Another Ever Lie/ Raise Your Vibration And Rise Above | PSYOPS SPOTLIGHT PART 1: How to Sideline a Movement

I’ve heard that this channel was made by one of the original Q members. I have no idea how true that is, but the crux of what they are saying is right on. We need to stop playing the game that elites want us to play. Keeping us stuck in their endless loop of bullshit. There is no “right side” when you are choosing between preordained narratives that were ALL concocted by the same entity in the first place. Giving you an illusion of choice when you are actually playing right into their hands.

Trump is not going to be reinserted into office. Just stop with that. It wouldn’t even matter if he was. Juan O’Savin, Simon Cowles, Robert David Steele and all these other New Age knuckleheads are part of the deception. You must be able to see this by now?

Raise Your Vibration and Take Power Away from those who Control The World. Evergreen Shipping Tanker yet another Psyop. The Movement was Hijacked by The Enemy. Get Back With God. The Real God. Ancient History We’ve Been Taught is All A Lie. Giants Are Still Real. The Committee Knows if we Raise Our Vibration Higher Than theirs We Will Be In Control | https://tamaraarchive.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/astorylikenoqther_3b29evergreenanothereverlie_raiseyourvibrationandriseabove.mp4
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