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Prince Harry Recruited to Golden Dawn, Offered Up Grandpa as a Tribute? | That Moment Prince Harry Realized His Family Were Useless Reptiles | WILLIAM TO HARRY: “We’re just puppets”

I’m still slightly on the fence about the legitimacy of this Golden Dawn vs. Phoenix Order rivalry that is apparently playing out on the world stage. The only reason I think Tamara might be right about this paridigm is because I never hear any of the coinintelpro shills ever bring it up. It’s one thing for non-initiates to bring it up. I didn’t take any blood oaths of silence in exchange for earthly riches. Most of them did. In Tamaras case I think she is still a pledge and hasn’t been officially let in yet and part of her duties include glamorizing the Golden Dawn while also documenting this whole battle that’s taking place so they can look back on it with adoration in the future. But I could also be way off about that and buying into their deception. But there are very telling clues that indicate this esoteric civil war of sorts is in fact playing out.

The Ricky Gervais Golden Globes monologues were pretty damn telling in that regard. And of course the very messy public Royal divorce that Price Harry and Megan Markle just underwent is also a big credence lender. Thankfully Harry has around $10 million in pocket change that mommy Diana(Elton John’s boyfriend) apparently left him. Megan has a bunch of cash now too from all her fashion deals that she accepted to the chagrin of the Queen Reptile mother who is also just a puppet, like William exclaims in not-so-secret fashion during this interview. It was almost as if William wanted us to hear him say that. Was he acting out against his handlers or just putting out more deceptive material into the public sphere? Their remarks about wanting to move to Canada, the one place the Queen is banned from for murdering all those school children(allegedly), was certainly a slap in the face.

On February 19, it was officially revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been stripped of their links to royal and military patronages. MORE

Just a bunch of inbred Germanic Monarch trash if you ask me. They are all German.

What people need to understand is that there aren’t any other people behind the scenes acting as the puppeteers. As far as humans go, William and Harry are at the very peak of the pyramid. Their controllers are ancient non-human entities loyal to the legion spirit and are also very likely the parasitic invaders that I’m always talking about who are building these motherboard cities out in the middle of nowhere that are designed to siphon-off human spiritual energy. I’ll just call them the Dragons. Even though I don’t think that’s how they genuinely look. They just want us to think they look like these giant grotesque lizards. I think they are likely feeble, barely even alive, fragile mushy little creatures that we could stomp out on the bottom of our boots if we really wanted to. They just have us tricked.

The False Reality of the Antichrist: The Glitches in the Matrix Illuminati Predictive Programming
This is after she made the above video that was from her original now deleted channel.

Don’t ask me anymore questions about the Golden Dawn. That’s all I know. Ask Ronan Farrow if you really want to go down that rabbit hole. Or ask Tamara herself. That’s where you can obviously see I got these theories from by all her videos that I’ve embedded . She’s blocked me so I can’t ask her anymore questions. She lied yesterday about the Mandela effect and how she thinks it’s all a Psyop so the government can determine who is most prone to mind control. When she was the one who originally said it was evidence of the A.I. Holographic Beast System False Reality Matrix and how anyone who experiences the Mandela effect is not covered in the Blood of the Lamb and has made themselves susceptible to legion spirit possession by not accepting Christ. Why can’t she just say she changed her mind instead of lying? I change my mind every day. It’s not a big deal. That’s just chicken shit, high school social media popularity drama bullshit. I still have no idea why people care so much about how they are perceived on social media. She simply cannot handle criticism. I get butterflies when people talk shit to me. It’s like Christmas morning for me if I awaken to see someone has decided to proposition me with some trash talk on social media. I love it. Probably not healthy or very Christ-like though.

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