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Chile: Protesters bring down a police drone using dozens of laser pointers ⚠️ Flashlight Warning ⚠️ | THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO FIGHT BACK. STOP BEING SIDETRACKED BY HOAXED RACE NARRATIVES!

This was frigging awesome and made my morning. I know this was from a few years ago, but it’s just as badass none the less. Watching these civilian protestors take down a dystopian themed surveillance drone using a mere 40-50 novel laser pointers was as symbolic as it was uplifting. If we band together and push back against this recent assault on our global freedoms, we will find that we have the power to cripple and destroy these diabolical world leaders and their plans to implement this New World Order that they’ve been salivating over for decades.

Once we give away these last few liberties we have, we’re NEVER getting them back. Thy will just keep implementing more and more guidelines until we become virtual slaves chained up in a cage. This is our LAST chance to emphatically tell these asswipe political elites to stand down or they will be destroyed politically. This cannot be a bluff. They are scared of us and they will do everything in their power to keep us from realizing just how much power we truly have. Why do you think they’ve been indoctrinating the youth to grow up into these meek little snowflakes who cower and conform to orders from a centralized authority while citing their own moral superiority as justification for their obedience while arrogantly chastising those who disobey? They’ve created a whole generation of snitches. They didn’t want a generation that was able to think for themselves and identify the railroad job that’s being pulled on them via the Coronavirus hoax. They especially didn’t want them to feel empowered enough to actually do something about it, nevermind actually recognize the con-job in the first place.

They keep the rest of them distracted with social justice narratives and hoaxed racially motivated hate crimes in the meantime and these useless college kids fall for it hook, like and sinker. It’s pathetic. Like what’s going on at Albion College at the moment. Even after it was revealed that the racially disparaging graffiti that was found on campus was part of a hoax perpetrated by a black student, it didn’t stop them from continuing on with their boycott of classes, while the administration caved and folded over on itself like usual. Coddling the students like the useless snowflakes they are.

READ: Students at Albion College Protest for Third Straight Day Over Racist Graffiti…After It Was Revealed as Another Hate Hoax

Go Chile! Love you guys down there. Don’t let those pretentious Argentinians tell you they are better than you.

Chile: Protesters bring down a police drone using dozens of laser pointers ⚠️ Flashlight Warning ⚠️ |
This is the moment a police drone is being forced to crash and land by protesters in Chile using simple pointer lasers to blind the drone. These protesters didn’t use any physical or gun force to bring the drone down. Instead, they used another form of technology: lasers. A lot of bright green laser beams were pointed in unison at the drone, which can be seen moving erratically, before quickly falling down to Earth.  A few theories about how the drone was brought down by the lasers are floating around many social media. Some believe the lasers are powerful enough to melt the plastic on the drone if it is a cheap drone. Some others believe the lasers’ lights would blind the drone operator’s vision through the camera, and the drone would go into autopilot mode and land as a failsafe. Others think that with that many lasers pointing at the drone, it would overheat and malfunction. Speculations that between 40 to 50 lasers were being pointed at the drone have circulated online, and the video certainly demonstrates that these estimates may be true. If that is the case, that’s certainly enough lasers to blind the drone’s camera lens.
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