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Ancient Aliens or Demonic Deception? -Dr. Gary Gromacki. Journal of Ministry & Theology |

For those of you who really think that there is this Galactic Federation of Alien beings who’ve been floating around our solar system and patiently waiting for some kind of mass New Age awakening of the human race before they finally agree to show themselves to us and decide to save humanity from itself by providing us with medbeds & free unlimited energy, you need to take a good hard look at just how ridiculous you seem. Gimme a break. We have all that stuff already. Machines that cure all cancers and devices that generate free unlimited energy exist in many different forms and have simply been sequestered and hidden away by the usual suspects. Their human inventors silenced in one way or another.

Are you really going to believe someone as inarticulate and low-IQ as Corey Goode? I don’t mean to pick on Corey so much, but if you’re going to be a New Age clownbag con-man, you make yourself fair game bro. I’m following universal law.

Source: Journal of Ministry & Theology |

Ancient Aliens or Demonic Deception?

Dr. Gary Gromacki | Associate Professor of Bible and Homiletics Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

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Dan O’BannonDear Bill – I wrote “ALIEN” to introduce a new demon into the public consciousness, In retrospect this may not have been a very wise ambition, but jt does accurately represent my state of mind at the time (1976-1978) (Note to William Froug from the front of a script shown in the book “The New Screenwriter Looks At the New Screenwriter”1991.)
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