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Source: 153news.net

Brain death is a horrible fate. Don’t be like this dummy.

The little fist pump that this sad sad simpleton gives after getting the jab shows us the type of mentality that’s being molded within the way too permeable minds of the masses as a result of the non stop lamestream rhetoric that they’ve been blasting out onto these brain dead idiots that labels this act of lunacy as some kind of accomplishment. She really thinks she did it. She thinks she’s saving humanity and I’m sure drove home with an overwhelming feeling of smugness. That’s if she didn’t pass out and die before getting home. Unfortunately for most, the ill effects of the jab will manifest themselves over a long torturous period of time. Eventually leading to their premature death, but not before having served the individual up as a lifetime client for big pharma as they cash in on all the treatments this person required leading up to their death.

You are the king or queen of the dummies if you get one of these jabs. It’s one of the stupidest ideas in a long sad history of human stupidity and I’m going to be there to let you know that one last time before you succum to your stupidity. The solution is real easy. JUST DON’T GET IT. What is wrong with everyone? WHAT …IS …..WRONG ….WITH ….EVERYONE? Their mind control tech can’t be that advanced. There are plenty of us that it’s not affecting. You don’t need experimental gene therapy because a bunch of decrepit old-geezy beauracrat Occultist politicians and a billionaire software designer with raging conflicts of interest told you so.

Here’s the guy you’re taking your cues from. 👇 Yeah… that’s what I thought.

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