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Russia Has Invisible Clone Order Robots | Lady Gaga Suffers Robotoid Freeze-Up & Politician Sufferes Catastrophic Robotoid Failure & Goes Crashing to the Floor While on Stage

What happened to her/ him/ it?

Looks like no matter what they do they will always encounter some kind of glitch or malfunction with these Robotoids that will end up exposing them for what they are as they suffer the breakdown. The Veil is lifting and not only are the Robots beginning to break but the Shapeshifters have been having just as much of an issue keeping their acts together in public and not revealing their true non human nature.

As far as the clones Russian soldiers go, I don’t doubt it but that’s pretty much part for the course for any superpower. They’ve been messing around with Gene editing technology for way longer than most realize. It’s been alleged that Russia developed their synthetic human Robotoid technology all the way back in the 30’s!!! So just imagine what kind of stuff they’ve been developing covertly. Ready to use when necessary.

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