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Latest Official CDC Statistics Only Further Verify the Fraudulent Nature of this “Pandemic” | DEMOCIDE: The Covid Scamdemic is Unraveling

Download the complete Our World in Data COVID-19 dataset
.xslx.csv.json (daily updated) | https://ourworldindata.org/covid-deaths

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CDC STATS: The above website has studies on all the different metrics. They also provide customizable charts and tables that you are able to break down geographically and modify the time span and scale of. The fatality rate is shockingly low despite their valiant attempts to skew the statistics and label as many naturally caused deaths as they possibly can as from Covaids. The number of newly vaccinated people per country was probably the most alarming of any of the stats.

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The main statistic that should jump out at you is the fatality rate. You will see that most countries will hover right around 2%. That’s the mean rate for all ages and includes all those frivolously labeled elderly deaths. Fatalities that never would have been classified as anything other than “death from old age” if we didn’t have an entire medical community acting to fraudulently forge the statistical reality of the hoaxed Covaids outbreak by including gun shot victims, motor cycle crash victims and pretty much any elderly patient they chose. We heard testimony(below) from a physician about receiving “instructions” early on in the hoax from the CDC that essentially begged them to slap a Covaids cause of death designation on just about everyone, even if they never tested positive at any point and had an unambiguously alternative cause of death.

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When you search for this story, there are numerous “fact check” websites that claim the story is false and just a conspiracy. Even though he clearly states in the interview exactly what the story claims. That the CDC contacted his practice to advise them on using an assinine new set of standards when it came to labeling the official cause of death on a death certificate. It’s unreal what our media will try to get away with. Even though the footage of him very clearly stating that this indeed happened is right on the top of the page, you will see that the search result directly below this will claim its a lie.

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It’s the largest single act of institutional human rights violations and technical fraud in the history of humanity. They’ve been saving this for the “last hurrah”. I just didn’t think so many everyday people would be so eager to help them pull it off. Humanity really does suck and I have much much less respect for the human species as a collective group than I did before our world was turned upside down by Globalist pigs. I went from having a moderate amount of respect for humanity as a whole, to having pretty much none. It’s comparable to the Covaids fatality rate. I respect about 2% of the population. I guess the theory about most others being NPC avatars in a holographic reality matrix being broadcasted from the Saturn crater, really might be true. Still trying to figure out how to hack that computer. I’ll get in eventually.

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